Combat shotgun w/ sticky bomb mod

The Combat Shotgun is a returning weapon in Doom Eternal. It has modifications similar to the one in Doom 2016, except it launches up to three timed sticky grenades for the first mod (Five Spot enables up to five), and the second mod turns the shotgun into a full-blown full-auto Gatling shotgun.

Combat Characteristics

The Combat shotgun packs a wallop at close range, gibbing most fodder demons in one hit. This makes it an efficient weapon for clearing out large groups of fodder demons, or as a reliable primary firearm for combat encounters.

However, the Combat shotgun has a short range, making it next to useless at long ranges.

The Sticky Bomb mod deals a lot of damage at medium and long range, making it useful for eliminating weak points. The Full Auto mod can devastate strong opponents, though it chews through ammo quickly.


Modification Upgrades Mastery
Sticky Bombs Quick Rack
Bigger Boom
Five Spot
Full Auto Quick Recovery

Faster Transform

Fast Feet

Salvo Extender

Weapon Skins

As with most other weapons in Doom Eternal, the Combat Shotgun has several weapon skins available. The Praetor shotgun skin can be unlocked when all mods for the shotgun are mastered in a single save. The Classic Shotgun skin was only available as part of the Rip and Tear pre-order DLC.

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