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Doom (2016)[]


The Doomguy Collectible.

In Doom (2016), you can find Collectibles. They are small 9-inch, articulated action figures/figurines manufactured by the UAC. They were most likely made to celebrate or venerate finding the Doom Slayer. There are 26 Collectibles to find, with two in each level. When you find one, a short bit tune version of "At Doom's Gate" plays.

What The Collectibles Do[]

The Collectibles that you have found add cool demon/character models for you look at in the Collectibles screen. It gives you a chance to appreciate the awesome art in the game without the 'art' trying to kill you. Also, if you find all the Collectibles, you'll get an achievement called 'Every Nook and Cranny.'

The Marine has slightly different animations when he picks up each Collectible. For example, when he gets Doomguy, he gives him an affectionate fist-bump.

Behind The Scenes[]

VaultBoy is a nod to the eponymous character from Fallout 4. Keenguy resembles Commander Keen. The American Hero Collectible is a nod to Captain America. Phobos is the character from Quake III: Arena. Ranger\Quakeguy is colored like the protagonist of Quake. Hazmatguy resembles the Bio-Suit Zombie from Doom 3. Authority\Rageguy is the Authority Enforcer from id's Rage.

All The Collectible Models[]

These are all the Collectibles you can find in Doom 2016. Also these are not in the order you will find them.


Doom Eternal[]

Zombie Toy

Zombie Toy Collectible.

In Doom Eternal, you can find 9 different types of collectibles. They can range from purely cosmetic to fully functional items. Listening to in-game soundtracks or improving your suits and weapons, the list goes on. These collectibles can be found across the main levels of the game, and in Ship Hub as well. You can always replay the levels if you happen to miss one or more in your first playthrough. These collectibles also have achievements and trophies attached to them but you will need to get everything in the same save slot.


Cacodemon Collectible

Types of collectibles:

Where to find the collectibles[]

Related achievements/trophies[]

Icon Name Description Gamer Score Trophy
- Reforged the Genie Lamp Complete the cheat code collection in a single save slot. 10 Bronze
- Metal Head Complete the album collection in a single save slot. 10 Bronze
- Playset Sold Separately Complete the toy collection in a single save slot. 10 Bronze

Extra Doom Collectibles Images[]