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This is Urdak, the home world of the Maykrs. A brief age analysis of the structures and architecture here indicates that this world is older than any other in our database. Similarities can also be drawn to multiple pan-galactic religions, indicating that the Maykr's influence was not limited to Argent D'Nur, and that over eons their influence has spread across the galaxy, and potentially the universe. Some imagery is akin to religious icons in the Orion-Cygnus arm of the Milky Way, an area which includes Earth. The name Urdak is common tongue in the Maykr language, but can be approximately translated to the word for Paradise or Heaven in hundreds of different languages, further cementing the theory that the Maykrs have had a religious impact on mortal beings for millions of years.

Despite their seeming Godliness, the Maykrs have a past. At some point in their ageless history there is mention of 'the Father'; a logical, alien entity that endowed the Maykrs with their vast knowledge and technical ability. Analysis of Maykr artifacts and scripture indicate that the Father may have been a singular being that 'split' to form the Maykr race, or instead transferred his incalculable power into the vast structure known as Urdak which then birthed the Maykrs in perpetuity. It seems that the Maykrs, though exceptionally long-lived, eventually suffer some form of biological and mental degradation, at which point they undergo a process known as 'the Transfiguration' wherin they allow a voluntary death and resurrection somehow tied to the Father. This process may have been complicated or damaged in the recent past.

There are no records of how the Father came to the Maykrs, when it was first discovered, or if it had any physical form before the Maykrs. The first mention of the Father is in regard to a building named the Luminarium. It was a temple of sorts, where Maykrs would go to seek answers.

The essence of the Father was stolen by one of their own, by a Maykr referred to as the Seraphim. Who the Seraphim is, or what he did with the Father's consciousness, is unknown. Records show that one day the Luminarium simply ceased to communicate, and that a deep scan of its data banks revealed no remaining trace of the entity.

Urdak itself exists in an anchor state, utilizing highly advanced dimensional shift technology to allow a static position at a sub-quantum level. This essentially inverts their position in relation to Hell; both planes of existence are fixed outside the bounds of the known universe, a 'lower' and 'higher' reality. The Khan Maykr oversees all within Urdak, and now utilizes Argent Energy to prevent the Transfiguration.

Khan Maykr

Doom Eternal Khan Mayker.png

Every 10,000 years, the collective Maykr consciousness, known as the 'Singularity', births a Khan Maykr, a supreme being destiny-bound to lead all of Urdak until the next Khan is born. The Singularity, which contains the conscious soul-data of every major Maykr that has ever lived and died, processes and refines this data as a means of selective evolution. As hierarch of the conscious neural-matrix to which each Maykr is interconnected, it is physically impossible for a Maykr to refuse the collective order of shared consciousness and disobey a Khan. This system has functioned without error since the creation of Urdak, until now. With the disappearance of the Father, the Maykrs are incapable of creating a successor to the Khan lineage, allowing the existing Khan to hold her claim to the throne indefinitely.

Maykr Angels

Doom Eternal Mayker Angels.png

These revered figures serve as speakers for the Khan Maykr, earning positions of leadership and high esteem within their species. Angels of Urdak are gifted with Orator Rings, golden halos fused to their armor as a symbol of their status and rank. These divine beings occasionally gathered in Conclaves or at the summons of the Khan Maykr, but typically do not work together, instead being assigned as independent advisors and overseers amongst Maykr-controlled worlds.