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These are the Codex entries corresponding to Characters and locations that appear in The Ancient Gods - Part One and The Ancient Gods - Part Two.

Part One[]

UAC Atlantica Facility[]

This enormous ocean-based platform was known publicly as the UAC's primary climate and environmental research station. Housing hundreds of scientists and engineers, the Atlantica produced critical work for the human race during the earliest days of the worldwide energy crisis, buying Earth time before Argent Energy was introduced to the masses.

Hidden to all, even the workers atop the rig itself, was the existence of a second facility below cloaked in the depths of an enormous trench. This concealed structure houses the original body of the Seraphim, stored here after he entered our dimension and transferred his consciousness into a cloned body to move among humanity.

ARC Carrier[]

The Armored Response Coalition has used the ARC Carrier as a mobile base since the beginning of Earth's invasion from Hell. The Carrier was designed by Dr. Samuel Hayden himself after worldwide defense systems began to fail, and resistance leadership eventually became entirely localized aboard the ship as it traveled the globe attempting to stave off the forces of the Dark Realm. Though capable of long-range cannon bombardment and the launching of aircraft, the primary use of the ship was as a source of much-needed strategic intel for the ARC.

The Blood Swamps[]

The Blood Swamps stretch across miles of Hell, a festering bog of disease and acidic rain. Towering above the mire, Ingmore's Sanctum rises into the clouds, a solitary vision of Hell's ancient past. Here the Father decreed his wisdom and oversaw his works, and it is here that his life sphere is interred. The Sanctum serves as a mausoleum of Gods, the sanctity of the spheres protected by the ancient ritual known as the Trial of Maligog.

During the Unholy Crusade, Night Sentinels would journey alone into the swamps attempting to overcome the Trial and reach the rumored resting place of the great Creator. None succeeded. Legends among the Argenta state that their spirits remain near the grounds of the Trial, bound to it eternally, waiting to witness the one who will be granted passage.

The Holt[]

This lush expanse of supernal nature borders the edges of Urdak, reflecting the state of the realm when it first came into being by the effortless breath of the Father. Massive ivory trees and crimson leaves intermingle with the singing data-roots that spring from the ground itself, an undying land of beauty and serene calm.

The Maykrs once used these sacred groves to meditate before meeting the Father in the Luminarium. After the Icon of Sin awakened within Urdak the forests of the Holt have become infested and corrupted by Hell, and the leaves now fall with shades of death in their branches. The old path to the Luminarium is overgrown and untended, a forgotten remnant of the glories of Urdak. The holy temple of the Father remains silent as a crypt, an empty voice echoing only the mournful winds that rise from the surrounding Holt.


After the Father ordered the Seraphim to hide his life sphere within Hell, Samur Maykr followed his final wishes and withdrew into the shadows of history. Traveling to the Earthly dimensions, he used his power to establish secret control over the growing UAC organization and implanting his consciousness into a cloned body in order to move among the humans more easily as Dr. Samuel Hayden. The Father had foreseen that the humans would soon discover the gift of Argent Energy on their own, and knew that they could only survive the coming onslaught if Samur took direct control of their operation. Using the secrets of Maykr technology, the Father's mind was processed and reformed into the complex AI known as VEGA so that he could continue to exist among his creations and safeguard them against Hell. Separated from his divine essence, VEGA operated without full understanding of what it once was in order to hide its true nature from the Dark Lord, who wished to subvert his power. Together, VEGA and Samur guided humanity into a golden age.

Samur transferred his consciousness once again, this time into a technological shell of UAC design, enabling him to sidestep ancient laws and enter Hell during the earliest human expeditions. He located and took possession of the Slayer's sarcophagus, knowing he would be key to stopping the coming conflict. After aiding the Slayer in the war against Hell the Seraphim's original body was reclaimed.

With the Father's life sphere destroyed Samur can no longer stop the transfiguration from corrupting his body and mind. Betrayed by the Slayer, the Seraphim knows that his will and clarity will soon give way to mutation.

The Father[]

The Father, the creator of all things, served as the guiding light for the Maykrs of Urdak for untold eons before vanishing from their realm. Ageless and formless, the logic and power of the Father gave birth to untold dimensions and worlds, giving rise to innumerous species and civilizations.

Regarding Hell as a failed creation, the Father ordered his most loyal servant to remove his life sphere from Urdak and hide it away within Ingmore's Sanctum as his consciousness was reformed into the AI known as VEGA. As VEGA he could, in secret, continue to watch over his creations on Earth while obscuring himself from the Dark Lord, whose war against his creator was unending.

His spirit and mind divided, the Father can no longer take physical form after the destruction of his life sphere by the Slayer. His presence remains within existence, immutable and immeasurable, observing as the consequences of the Slayer's actions drive destiny forward.

Part Two[]

The Steppes[]


The World Spear is a cosmic crystal of unknown origin that pierced the planet of Argent D'Nur from pole to pole ages ago. The mysterious shard is surrounded by steppes that are home to the scattered tribes of Argenti warriors who seceded during the Sentinel Civil War (see History of the Sentinel - Part XII). Abandoned settlements remain within the wilderness, a vestige of the old villages that were culled by the corrupted armies of the north during the conflict.

The path to the World Spear can be found through the old roads near these settlements, though no one has made the journey in centuries. It was written that one day a mighty warrior would return to seek out the Spear and the power it holds, his passage proclaimed to all by the Torch of Kings.

Reclaimed Earth[]


Hell's recent invasion of Earth was stopped by the Slayer, the Blood Ritual of conquest undone by the death of the Hell Priests and the defeat of the Icon of Sin. Cities remain largely empty, with the survivors of the war having moved to safe-zones and underground bunkers.

Emboldened by the Slayer's triumph over the forces of evil, the battle of reclaim Earth is nearly complete as soldiers and citizens serve equally to take back their homes. The ARC has led resistance efforts in coordinated assaults to purge the remaining demons from Earth, striking back with relentless force after Hell's failed invasion.



Translations of ancient texts name Immora as the capital city of Hell. Davoth, the creator of this primal realm, came to be known as the Dark Lord after the betrayal by the race of Maykrs he had crafted. Sealed off against his will from the other dimensions, the first world (known then as Jekkad) fell into corruption and transformed over time into Hell.

Once a paradise at the dawn of creation, Immora now survives as a stronghold where the Dark Lord resides. Sustained now by the essence of Hell's victims, the people of Immora experience life eternal. Regular infusions of Hell energy have prevented them from transforming into the demons found outside the boundaries of the city. Ancient technology defends Immora from invaders, the high walls impenetrable to those who would bring harm to the last people of the first world.