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A modification to the Praetor Suit, the arm-mounted Doomblade is designed to increase the Slayer's short-range striking power. Strong enough to sever demonic flesh and bone, the blade's serrated edge allows the Slayer to break through enemy defenses and attack where conventional weaponry is ineffective.


The weapon of choice for Sentinel marksmen. It is said in Sentinel battle lore that a single battalion of archers defended the walled city of Illkana for ten days and ten nights, armed only with their Ballistas. A precise weapon, the Ballista fires a twin beam of superheated Argent, vaporizing it's target on impact. 


The BFG-9000 remains the most powerful weapon ever designed by the UAC, releasing a projectile of pure boiling Argent Plasma. The sphere of superheated energy undulates as Argent tendrils lash out, drawn to nearby organic material an immediately producing a fatal explosion from within.  

Dr. Samuel Hayden recently deployed the weapon to Phobos, where it served as the inspirational linchpin for the development of the BFG-10000 defense station. When mounted inside the station's magnifying array, the BFG can be fired into a series of reactive lensing rings; these rings pump a constant stream of gaseous Argent through the barrel, which ignites in reaction to the electrified plasma, producing a tremendous energy wave powerful enough to crack the surface of a planet.


The M220 Chaingun is a 7.62x51 mm AE six-barrel autocannon built for infantry deployment. Weighing over 80 lbs, the M220 was conceived as a standard issue weapon for ARC mech-soldiers fitted with exo-armor - mechanized suits capable of supporting a heavier payload. The AE cartridge uses a special electromagnetic casing designed specifically for the M220's rail system, which increases projectile velocity and reduces overheating. 


As the renowned weaponmasters of the Night Sentinels professed, it is the warrior that makes the weapon great. Albeit an unconventional choice, the chainsaw has become a staple of the Doom Slayer's personal arsenal. For the kind of work that requires enemy dismemberment the chainsaw is the right tool for the job. 

Combat Shotgun[]

Despite a wealth of armament options for the modern combat specialist, this trusty workhorse remains a firm favorite among operatives. When matched against super-heated plasmoids or gauss driven projectiles, the ballistic impact of the Combat Shotgun holds it's own. The simplicity of the design ensures the weapon is extremely quick and reliable, yet the vast array of ammunition types make it versatile and flexible. Colloquially known as the "Crowd Appeaser", a locked and loaded Combat Shotgun will pacify even the most riotous of assailants. 


A sacred relic of the Sentinel People, the Crucible remains one of the most mysterious artifacts known to man. Texts from Argent D'Nur reference the weapon in a revered, righteous manner; while Night Sentinels were known to employ similar energy-based blades in their armaments, the Crucible remains the only one powerful enough to reportedly slay titan-class demons.

Only the Slayer holds knowledge of this venerated sword, for only he has been known to wield it. The blade burns with ethereal heat, immediately cauterizing flesh as it slices through.

Equipment Launcher[]

Custom-built to fit the Doom Slayer's Praetor Suit, this shoulder-mounted ordnance system is modified to serve a variety of combat roles. Designed as a universal munitions platform, the Equipment Launcher is capable of altering it's armament configuration with the press of a switch, activated by a reflex sensor located on the interior of the Praetor Suit's gauntlet. In it's Flame Belch configuration, the launcher spits out a gout of fire exceeding 1000C, setting even the sturdiest demons aflame. While in its Grenade Launcher configuration, the Launcher fires a traditional UAC-model frag explosive, a projectile-based payload not dissimilar to that of the Ice Bomb, wherein the Launcher fires an EYE-C40 gas canister to flash-freeze nearby targets. 

Heavy Cannon[]

A common complaint among users of this punch-packing conventional weapon is the weight, as most of the component parts are forged in Tungstronium, a properietary alloy developed to withstand the enormous stresses imparted by the optional exploding dart ammunition. However, the additional weight makes the Heavy Cannon an ideal sniper rifle, as swaying and tremors are mitigated by the massive bulk. Trigger management is of the highest priority when using this weapon, as self-inflicted gunshot wounds are common thanks to it's no-pull reflex trigger system. 

Plasma Rifle[]

Designed by the UAC's military-tech division, the Plasma Rifle is the standard in energy-based weaponry. Firing a superheated plasma in rapid-short burst intervals, the Plasma Rifle is capable of overloading energy-based shielding and liquefying enemy combatants. 

Rocket Launcher[]

Forged from the metal smelting pits of the Golgothan enclave, the Paingiver is a weapon of pure malice devised for a singular purpose - to enact suffering upon the weak. A tool of insidious intent, it was not by mortal design that the Paingiver was concieved. The Cultist engineers of Golgotha, as acolytes of the unholy and all-powerful will of the Hell Priest Ranak, were bestowed its vision, scribes to Ranak's dark premonition. With great clarity did the Paingiver reveal itself to the shared consciousness of the Golgothan acolytes, and with fervor and religious zealotry did they set themselves towards it's manifestation, toiling without rest until the Paingiver was created. 

Sentinel Hammer[]

A sacred weapon wielded by Commander Valen of the Sentinel armies. Powered by a massive infusion of Wraith energy, allowing a combatant to stun and extract resources from demonic foes.

Super Shotgun[]

A weapon from the Slayer's past, this double-barreled shotgun displays ornate, undeciphered diligree carvings. It also includes a modification, a twin-pronged hook anchored with a retractable chain designed for under-barrel usage. Though the firearm appears to be of Earthly design, the "meathook" attachment is comprised of non-terra metals, suggesting some level of prior history offworld. Its place in the Slayer's arsenal in Hell has already been recorded, as noted in the following translation of the Ungmar Codex:

"The sting of the Slayer's abominable arsenal casts fear into the lowest of our kin. It's blazing barrels of brimstone spew his vitriol and loathing upon us, and cast our brethern to the dirt. Mark the venom of his chosen apparatus of agony, the Diabolical Musket, Lucifer's Bane; it's claw of pig iron gouging the flesh of the martyr and hurrying him upon us. Curse the name of his beloved treasure. Curse the Hell Walker's device of torment. We shall cast it into the smelter and gild his entrails with the slurry." 


A uniquely powerful weapon, the Unmaykr is kept under lock and key inside the Fortress of Doom. Inspired by Sentinel weapon technology, this celestial firearm was created in Urdak by the ingenious invention of the Maykrs themselves.

Upon activation of the weapon, shutter-ports slide open, and the Unmaykr immediately begins launching rapid-fire volleys of condensed tri-directional Argent bolts. The destructive potential of this alien superweapon is rivaled only by the BFG.