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Cloning is the creation of individuals based on the DNA of someone else.


Clone Porn is mentioned in Doom 3:

The New Taboo! (11-10-2145)
New Clone Porn movies posted daily! Is this the new taboo? Come and see what everyone is talking about. See gorgeous identical clones in action.
Only 15 credits per month!

The concept of cloning is brought up in Doom RPG as to why various characters such as marines, or scientists all look the same. One scientist states: A lot of the scientists look EXACTLY like me. Why you may ask? Is this outpost some cloning facility..."[1]

In the Novels


  1. it then continues into 'break the 4th wall territory', "..or are the game designers too lazy to create a variety of characters? Or is it something insidious, like extremely small memory constraints for portable devices that won't aloow much graphical variety?! Have you noticed that if you keep talking to people here they make trite inside jokes and other misguided attempts at humor?