Clone is a homebrew first person shooter game that was written in 10 weeks on Net Yaroze as a test by Stuart Ashley, while not a true Doom game, it is an example of a Doom Clone, a game that mimics the gameplay of Doom (which possibly also gives the game it's name). It could be found often amongst other Net Yaroze games on some demo discs by PlayStation Magazine.

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The player being attacked by the game's monsters.


There is no true plot to the game, and it is likely up to the player's imagination what it is.

The gameplay takes place in a dark, gloomy dungeon or sewer-like location with brownish water flowing on the floor underneath them and the player character has to reach the end of the level which is represented by a red flashing light, the player must collect coloured keys (much like that of Doom's keys) in order to get past the barriers of their colour.

Within the mazes, a type of skeletal alien-like monster with orbs on their chest and exposed ribcages will often surprise the player by shooting at them and the player must shoot them to avoid being killed.

In level one, a purple orb can be found, that allows the player to shoot faster, much like a machine gun.

There are a total of 4 levels in game, when the fourth one is completed, the player is taken to level 1, therefore, the only way the game ends is to die or quit.

Compared to Doom, the game actually focuses more on horror than action, the music, atmosphere, and the monsters tendency to surprise the player work together to make things really unsettling to the player.

References to Doom

Much of the game's sound effects and gameplay is actually taken from Doom 1 and 2; the keys are much like the keys from the original doom game's, having colours which unlock coloured doors, the sound the monsters make when shooting is taken from the sound from the Icon Of Sin makes when it fires the cubes, and the sound when the player collects the health kits is the sound the Marine makes when he takes damage. The map in Clone is also much like that of Doom's, being activated by holding a button and is represented by a maze-like pattern, with the red dot representing the player, also allowing the player to move while viewing it.

Clone (Net Yaroze Project) - Official UK Playstation Magazine 10 vol 2

Clone (Net Yaroze Project) - Official UK Playstation Magazine 10 vol 2