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A screenshot from Chosen.

Chosen is a total conversion for Doom II created by Lil' white mouse.

In Chosen, players take control of a follower of Seth, named Kissa. She has been chosen by Seth to defeat Uraeusis, Apophis' abomination. Uraeusis has already charmed some Men and Gods in preparation for the destruction of the world. Kissa is dispatched into the underworld where she must fight through armies of soldiers from the gods and reach Uraeusis, and finally destroy him forever.

Chosen uses the ZDoom engine, and its features are cleverly used here. The first level is actually a difficulty selection level, reminiscent of Quake, although without the dangerous obstacles. There are many dangerous traps and puzzles to solve, with some really frustrating, while others that are really simple to get by. The boss fights are also fun, especially the final battle with Uraeusis.

This total conversion requires ZDoom to run, and 'Scale Text in High Res' must be disabled or else the game will crash.

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