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The Chaos Sphere

An artifact known as the Chaos Sphere has at times been used, mainly in Hexen and Hexen II, as a source of extra power for the dimension traveling Serpent Riders.

Located in a realm between time and space is the Chaos Sphere. It appears in different forms in both Hexen and Hexen II,

In Hexen the player somehow travels to the realm of the sphere after defeating Korax where it sits on a raised dalis in a large hall. The sphere is stated to be the source of Korax's power.

However, when the player reaches for it, he is whisked away to the Realm of the Dead. Eventually the player escapes from the Realm of the dead and is returned to the hall where the sphere sits. It is unclear what happens afterwards.

In Hexen II, the player will encounter the sphere after defeating the smaller and weaker form of Eidolon when the eldest Serpent Rider summons it and uses it to grow to mass proportions. It has 2000 hit points here, and must be destroyed; otherwise, Eidolon will remain invulnerable to any attacks.

An artifact that may be related to the Chaos Sphere appears in the Hexen II mission pack Portal of Praevus - the Sphere of Order. Though it has a similar outer appearance as the Chaos Sphere, it does not display any specific powers and the connection between the two remains ambiguous.

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