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The Chaingun is an item weapon in Doom: The Boardgame. It comes with 3 cards.


Card Name Card Type Speed Range Damage Box Defense Amount Weapon Card Effect Quote Amount Given
Spin Up Bonus Action 1 Speed N/A N/A 1 Shield Chaingun Draw 2 cards. "Recent changes to the firing mechanism have pushed the Delta-12 Chaingun to the physical limits of a ballistic weapon. An Argent-infused piston compresses gas within the firing crucible to over 220,000 PSI." 2
Endless Fire Main Action N/A 5 Range 2 Black 2 Shield Chaingun You may perform this attack up to 2 additional times. Before rolling any dice for each of these attacks, you may discard up to 2 cards from your hand to add 1 red die for each card discarded. N/A 1