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The player being ganged up on by a group of Centaurs.

Centaurs are enemies in Hexen.

Centaurs have a similar attack pattern as the Ettins, yet they are faster and more vicious in approach. They are outfitted with armor, swords and a shield which has a skull face on it. Centaurs possess 200 hit points each. When a Centaur is attacked and flinches, it will raise its shield. In this state, all attacks except for hitscan, tunneling, and melee attacks are deflected, possibly back at the player; the aforementioned three attacks that are not deflected do it no damage at all.

Centaurs are particularly weak to the Cleric's poison gas clouds (used via the fléchette) and when affected will be put into a stasis state until the gas cloud wears off. The flechette is also probably the most efficient way to kill them when playing as the Fighter or Mage.

Like Ettins, Centaurs will gib when killed by high-damaging attacks or any of the classes' fourth weapons.

The Slaughtaur is a variant of the Centaur.