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A Carcass mere seconds from death.

The Carcass is a new demonic enemy featured in Doom Eternal. Its origins and full abilities are still unknown.

Physical Appearance

The Carcass appears to be an overweight possessed human that has been cybernetically enhanced for combat, most likely by the Union Aerospace Corporation. Part of its face is cybernetic, as is one of its arms, which has been replaced by some sort of energy cannon. The most striking feature of the Carcass are its four spider-like robotic legs.

Combat Characteristics

While not much is known about the Carcass's full capabilities, the Google Stadia presentation and the e3 demo have shown off most of what it can do. The Carcass is a very mobile enemy, using its robotic legs to quickly move around with ease. It has a basic melee attack and some sort of sonic wave attack. In addition to this, the Carcass is able to produce an energy shield that will block most attacks from the player, at the cost of being forced to remain stationary.


  • The Carcass first appeared during the Google Stadia demo of Doom Eternal, in which its placeholder name was simply Demon. This was changed by the time the HD version of the gameplay was released.
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