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A camera is an object which serves as a viewpoint for rendering a part of the level. Each player actor is its own camera, though it is possible to change camera by "spying" on another player. Some source ports may provide additional camera features. For instance:

  • Chase camera, or third-person view
  • Free-roaming camera during demo playback
  • Spectating during multiplayer games
  • Scripted cutscenes, or Quake-like mini-cutscenes
  • Duke Nukem 3D-like security camera
  • Camera textures

In Heretic and Hexen, the player's camera can change after death. Corvus and Baratus are beheaded when gibbed, the camera is then transfered to the "head" object instead of remaining with the body. The Hexen characters, when frozen to death, eventually shatter into a shower of ice shards, the camera is transfered to one of them, which will not melt as long as the corresponding player does not respawn (in multiplayer).