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This article is about the set of four source ports. For other uses, see CDoom (disambiguation).

CDoom is a set of four Doom source ports for DOS by Carlos. Version 1.9 is a clone of doom2.exe, while version 2.05 is based upon MBF and version 2.06 messages are written in french, version 2.07 support slopes, breakable floors walls ceilings, chasecam, look up down, crouch, shootable corpses, spawn things above 3dfloors. The four versions are compiled with DJGPP and played under DOS, and may have sound problems running under recent versions of Microsoft Windows, to solve this problems use vdmsound library.

Features in v1.9

  • a -finalcomp parameter to properly play back demos recorded with the doom2.exe that is supplied with Final Doom
  • according to the readme file, it is the smallest engine in Doom history

Features in v2.05 and v2.06

  • true 3d gameplay including 3D floors
  • supports jumping and flying
  • extra cheat commands
  • can autogenerate a missing blockmap
  • uncapped framerate

Features in v2.07

  • slopes, with 99% of bugs fixed, has some glitches, since cdoom uses fixed point aritmethic
  • breakable floors, walls, ceilings
  • chasecam, look up down, crouch
  • shootable corpses
  • spawn things above 3d floors

Common features

  • maximum compatibility with doom2.exe demos
  • new music subsystem that supports opl2/opl3/mpu401 playback closest to doom2.exe music subsystem
  • cheats are available in nightmare skill level


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