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"Hey, you're looking for the scientist, right? I'm not sure you want to find him. You see...uh, never mind."
― C. Rodgers, upon meeting the Marine  [src]

C. Rodgers is a minor character in Doom 3. He was a maintenance worker assigned to the Mars City Underground.

When the player meets Rodgers, he will call out on the player and assumes they are locating Jonathan Ishii. He advises them not to, but refuses to reveal why. If the player persists in speaking to him, he will just refuse to talk about it.

During the demonic invasion, when the player passes through the area where he last saw Rodgers, all that can be found are body parts scattered about, indicating he was killed.


  • In the PC version of Doom 3, his body parts are scattered around his bloody workstation. However, in the Xbox version there are no body parts, but a trail of blood can be seen leading to the security office door which has bloody hand prints on it, which could possibly be Rodgers's.
  • It is possible that Rodgers was aware of the reason why Jonathan was acting weird, but he refuses to say anything because he doesn't have any evidence to back it up.