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Buff Totems are a new feature in Doom Eternal. When a Buff Totem is near, all Demons in the area are tougher, faster, stronger, and meaner, and will constantly spawn in buffed up and ready to harass the player until he finds and smashes it.

When enemies are empowered by the Buff Totem, they will be surrounded by a red glow. A message will also appear on the screen alerting the player to the fact a Buff Totem is in the area. Destroying the Buff Totem will remove the buff from all enemies.

Codex Entry

Incarnal manifestations of human suffering, these totems are formed from the tortured resonance of the once living, made flesh by the black arts of demonic psychomancy. A beacon of necroplasmic dark-wave energy, the Buff Totem, once fully formed, radiates the surrounding environment with a dark cloud of Hell magic. This energy possesses influence of great power for anything living caught in it's wake: Demons, while in it's presence, become adrenalized; their aggressiveness and bloodlust amplified. Inversely, these totems have become symbols of fear for humans who have encountered them, it's presence tainting the mind with nightmarish terror. The propagation of these totems would ultimately necessitate the development of the ARC mind-shield, a cyber-neural implant which could immunize it's soldiers from the psionic properties of the Buff Totem.


  • Despite being an object, the Buff Totem is classed as an Ambient monster in the Doom Eternal codex.