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Brutal Hexen is yet another mod by Sergeant_Mark_IV that not only brutalizes Hexen, but modifies it core gameplay by adding a score system, brutalizes gameplay, and more.

At this time, Brutal Hexen is still in beta form, but still can be played properly without any bugs and the only available class is the Fighter, but all weapons can be obtained and used properly when spawned separately.


Primary Changes[]

  • The Fighter's fists are replaced with Timon's Axe, and with the addition of a wooden shield. The wooden shield acts like the player's kick which bashes enemies such as the Ettin into a considerable distance. The player can also use the axe to make a two-axe combo. Unlike Hexen, Timon's Axe doesn't need mana to work.
  • On some occasions, the axe can amputate the Ettin's arm. The player can either attack using the axe, which chops of the heads, or bash the defenseless Ettin, which will deal a fatality on it.
  • Afrits can fire flameballs consecutively or on short bursts.
  • Afrits are very easy to kill because the axe can kill Afrits in one hit, or can deal a fatality immediately, whether or not the Afrit is wounded.
  • The Green Chaos Serpent's attack is heavily changed, in terms of damage. A direct hit from a fireball could deplete the player's health, even if it's 100%.
  • The crossbow is a new weapon added to your arsenal that makes up for the fists not appearing. The crossbow functions like a semi-automatic plasma gun. Its primary attack is to fire a single arrow with the capability of a plasma ball, and its secondary attack is to fire arrows in a spread-like fashion.
  • The Hammer of Retribution's function has been changed. Unlike in the original, which fires hammers at enemies, the hammer is both ranged and melee. Its attacks consist of an explosive melee attack that deals heavy damage, or a straight barrage of explosions.
  • The Quietus still functions as the player's ultimate weapon, but the player can use it as an ordinary melee weapon, or fire the weapon in a BFG9000 fashion, which kills enemies in a straight line.

Additional Changes[]

  • Brutal Hexen adds a scoring system to the game, so whenever the player reaches a high point number, then the player's level will be added one level.
  • With the rest of the classes removed for the mean time, all weapons from both Parias and Daedolon, but cannot be used as a weapon until the player drops the placeholder for the said weapon.
  • Other unsupported games like Doom, when run with this mod, will run properly, but will have a mix of both Hexen weapons and items.

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