This monster's name is not to be confused with the Bruiser Brothers.

Bruiser is a Cybrid Demon found in Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil in which they serves as the sub-bosses of the expansion.

The aptly named Bruiser has a large muscular body in the vein of a hell knight and identical mechanical features of a mancubus, although both creatures' robotic parts look different. The Bruiser is taller than a mancubus, but somewhat shorter than a Hell Knight. It stands roughly 9 feet tall.

Its feet feature robotic hooves, both arms are giant fire ball launchers and the head is a sight to behold. It has two demon horns on the far back of its head, facing outward and the front has two yellow eyes with no pupils. Above the eyes are two yellow rings. The mouth is actually a large TV-screen that connects to the head with a fleshy tube. On the screen is a close up of human teeth and gums. The TV-screen also displays an eyeball upon sighting an enemy. The mouth sometimes opens and closes as the beast moves.

Its back has what appears to be a visible, robotic spine. It is possible that the Bruiser is a hybrid of some kind between a Hell Knight and a Mancubus. The height, health, strength, durability, and aggression from the Hell Knight and the flame cannons and robotic parts from the Mancubus. "The Bruiser Brothers" is also a nickname for the Barons of Hell from the end of the Knee-Deep in the Dead campaign from classic Doom. It is possible, though not likely, that the Bruiser is RoE's Baron of Hell.

Seen early in Doom 3's development, the Bruiser's unique TV-mouth was intended to be another way of scaring the player. The player would walk up to what appeared to be a typical computer terminal, and the terminal would change and the Bruiser would reveal its entire self. This, however, was later dropped and thus does not happen in any point in the game.

The Bruiser attacks by rapidly firing alternating fireballs from its twin arm cannons which will quickly kill almost any opponent. Their rate of fire is significantly higher than a Mancubus'. This is similar to the classic version of the Mancubus. Its endurance is similar to that of the Hell Knight or the Mancubus. The best ways to kill it are to either shoot the TV screen with the strongest weapons available, or to use the berserk power from the Artifact and attack with the fists or any other weapon. Two double-barrelled shotgun blasts or one single punch (in berserk mode) will kill it.

3 separate Bruisers make an appearance in The Lost Mission, where they are much more challenging due to the absence of the Artifact for easier berserk kills.

In the Doom 3 BFG Edition, the Bruiser has been modified so that shooting it in the television/mouth will cause it to flinch, much like Pain state. With fully-automatic weapons, this can stunlock it, reducing its ability to attack.

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