The Blood Punch is a new type of melee attack introduced in Doom Eternal. Unlike the standard melee attack, the Blood Punch has a limited number of uses and must be recharged by performing Glory Kills on enemies.


When used, the Blood Punch causes a large explosion which can damage a number of enemies in the immediate vicinity around the player. The Blood Punch is particularly useful against the Cyber-Mancubus as it will immediately destroy the demon's armour.


The Blood Punch is first unlocked in the Exultia level by picking up a glowing golden gauntlet. will be upgraded over the course of the game as the player defeats bosses and kills Hell Priests.

Defeating the three Doom Hunters in the Cultist Base level will unlock the first upgrade, increasing the power of the Blood Punch's shockwave.

Killing the Gladiator in Sentinel Prime will provide the second upgrade. This upgrade makes Glory Kills on heavy demons instantly recharge a Blood Punch use.

Upon killing the Khan Maykr in Urdak, the final Blood Punch upgrade is unlocked. This will allow the Doom Slayer to store two Blood Punch charges instead of one.

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