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The Blood Maykr is a Heavy demon which first appears in Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One. It is a Maykr Angel that has been corrupted by the influence of Hell after the Icon of Sin awoke on Urdak.

Codex Entry

Maykr Angels, a devoted and distinguished higher caste within Urdak, were corrupted and mutated by the waking will of the Icon of Sin. Now branded by the Icon's wrath, Blood Maykrs move amongst the demons freely as hellfire courses through their veins. Retaining their staffs and hurling them with thunderbolt force to harry their prey, the Blood Maykrs scour the dead skies of Urdak in unholy mockery of their former home.


The Blood Maykr resembles its former Maykr self, except that its armor is now bright red, its helmet has large demonic horns, and its face is exposed as a result of the demonic corruption it has undergone.


The Blood Maykr has two powerful primary attacks: First, it rises into the air and hurls its staff at the player. Regardless of whether it hits or not, the staff energizes a section of ground, creating a temporary hazard zone that damages and slows the player if they're in the affected area. The staff will almost immediately reappear in the Blood Maykr's hand after being thrown.

For its other primary attack, the Blood Maykr spreads its arms and unleashes a large, slow-moving, cross-shaped energy beam. It will first fire one beam directly at the player, then fire two more beams simultaneously in an outward conical pattern to catch a player who sidesteps the first beam.

In addition to its two primary attacks, the Blood Maykr can use its staff to fire rapid bursts of energy bolts, much like those fired by Maykr Drones. Also, if the player gets too close to the Blood Maykr, it may slam its staff into the ground and unleash an energy wave.

Like the Khan Maykr, the Blood Maykr is protected by a golden energy shield that makes it nearly invincible. While the Blood Maykr is executing a primary attack, the shield is lowered, leaving it vulnerable. Also, shooting the Blood Maykr with the BFG will temporarily disable its shield. A single headshot from the Precision Bolt, the Sticky Bomb, or the Arbalest will instantly destroy an unshielded Blood Maykr.