• Tephra

    New Wiki Manager

    May 15, 2019 by Tephra

    Hi! My name is Tephra, and I'm the Fandom Wiki Manager for the Doom Wiki. I am here to help the community and be a liaison to full-time Fandom staff. If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., please contact me on my talk page.

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  • KhevaKins

    I kind of wish they gave 2016 Doomguy more chances to say a big F%$K you to Hayden during the campaign. Like at the start, the iconic scene where Doomguy just smashes the screen during Hayden's exposition and walks away. I was just watching a speedrun where the runner is forced to stand there during Hayden's monologue when he gives you your first Argent Energy.

    Maybe if they just added a hidden, unprompted, option where by if you melee the door Doomguy just kind of smashes it down and walks away? A first time player wouldn't think to do it, and so would stand there and listen to the world building. On a replay you could just smash the door and walk away, with some sufficiently witty dialogue from Hayden, 'Welp, you just really wanna kill de…

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  • Jaden871
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  • GJ-Lewis X

    Greetings. I'm writing this blog here about my decision to adopt the Doom Wikia. As you can realize, the Doom Wikia is unfortunately semi-active for a long while, filled with outdated mess, half of the older templates/tables easily breaks when editing pages (already solved this on several pages before though), all admin members (with also the remaining two) barely active, multiple amount of deletion-flagged pages hardly been removed, and lack of features like the discussion portal for the community of users to chat. Everything in here needs massive improvement and updates (yes I do have coding skills), and I already did a test on what the Doom Wikia should look like for the future (used with my testing Wiki) once I adopt this Wikia site bu…

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  • Jykale

    There's been a lot of discussion lately of the possibility of Tony Giglio's Doom movie reboot, which is coming out next year, being a female-driven movie in the vein of Ghostbusters 2016, and that we're getting Doomgirl instead of Doomguy. Well, I don't believe it at all, and I'm going to explain why.

    I have checked out the rest of the confirmed cast, and I have found an actor that I think is playing Doomguy: James Weber Brown, who has been cast as a character named "Captain Hector Savage".

    As you can see in the picture, he is so uncannily similar to Doomguy that there is no way that he can't be him. I'm sure you're thinking: "If James is playing Doomguy, then why are Amy and Nina getting all the attention in the media?" Simple. Because they…

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  • The Arrow37

    I noticed this wiki doesn’t have a discussion board. I suggest this to the buerocrats or whoever has the power to add a discussion post to the wiki. The discussion board can help the people on this wiki discuss things about the DOOM and the Fandom and that kind of stuff.

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  • SpecialOperationsTrooper

    I'm a warrior. I got ninjitsu, bikenjutsu, skateboarding and even some command scores. One day I'll get a snake tattooed on me. But only after I am fully muscular. I've dedicated a good few years on wiki researching snakes and so I've disabled my account to focus on my battle-ship.

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  • Mryellow362

    Playing Doom on piano

    August 20, 2018 by Mryellow362

    Found this on YouTube and it's crazy, who ever did this I salute to you.

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  • Eryczek123

    I can play dlc weapons in snapmap ?

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  • Jykale

    ZeniVerse theory timeline

    January 19, 2018 by Jykale

    A couple years ago, I posted a theory that the various ZeniMax franchises are linked through most of the other series being set in the Outer Realms. Here's a timeline that updates the theory, and offers as complete a timeline as I can gather. The franchises featured here include: The Elder Scrolls, Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake, Dishonored, Fallout, Rage, and Commander Keen. Note that this timeline only contains definite dates. And though I consider Heretic/Hexen and Rise of the Triad (original and remake) to be part of the ZeniVerse, there is no clear spot that one could place them...yet! I also consider Prey (2006 and 2017) and The Evil Within to be part of the ZeniVerse, but while they have definitive dates, I can't decide which of the possi…

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  • Roozy1999

    You have been warned.

    January 17, 2018 by Roozy1999

    You have been warned.

    Reason: stop making warning boxes on my page, you foolish Terry-wad creator! (You are DoomGuy 2000, right?)

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  • ThyMemePreacher

    So, i am trying to find some fanbases around the internet, and i tried joining the Danganronpa wiki, but i guess they dont take people with my personality, or the admin there is just utter shit. so here i am. im an xbox gamer with the 4 main DOOM games. my Gamertag on Xbox is Atlasified, so hit me up if you wanna play multiplayer or some shit, im down with that.

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  • EtherBot

    In Defense of Doom 3

    January 9, 2017 by EtherBot

    A lot of people might scoff at the idea of making a Doom 3 defense. It's not like it was critically panned or suffering from DOOM 64-itus where it was massively overlooked (but maybe Brutal Doom 64 will help pull it into the limelight). It's not like it was apperently disliked by critics or by the general populous, and if you played it and liked it you can sort of tell that the design isn't atrocious or anything "avant-garde" that needs a second look. But it seems pretty commonly dismissed to me, people talking about Doom 3 seem to either brush it off as "that Doom game" or place it under the other Doom games in their rankings.

    And I guess it's hard for me to put it above Doom but it's also a kind of unfair comparrison because their both kin…

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  • EtherBot

    Obligatory Introduction Post

    December 30, 2016 by EtherBot

    If you were expecting me to just say "Hey hello it's me, I am also doom fan yes" than be prepared to get kinda bored by text rambling really fast. This is a post about all my thoughts on everything ever. Doom related of course.

    My name is Ethan B. [REDACTED] and I am basically just objectively the worst person ever.

    I like to draw, make short video games, write short horror stories over at the Creepypasta Wiki, read horror or adventure stories, play horror, adventure or action video games, watch horror, adventure, action and comedy movies and etc also. Etc is my personal favorite hobby now that I think about it. 

    I personally didn't play DOOM when it came out because I personally wasn't even a lone twinkle in my mothers eye then, I was born in…

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  • MCGPY, the duke

    Now I'm sure that there are already MILLIONS of these theories that you have all seen. But This here is my view.

    First off I would like to give credit to joewahby on steam for this article, [2016 Mythology Explained thouroughly through Codices] , which I used to help put my theory together.

    Now, WHO is the DOOM Slayer. All we know is he's the silent, pissed protagonist who is shrouded in mystery.  In joewahby's article, he comes to the conclusion that the DOOM Slayer is the "betrayer", the Knight Sentinal who betrayed the others in order to get his son back. In this article, joewahby says that he thinks that the DOOM Slayer is the betrayer, and that he was enraged at the Dark Lord's and desided to fight the demons because of this. He also cl…

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  • Jykale

    Theory: Zeniverse timeline

    November 2, 2016 by Jykale

    For those unaware, the "Zeniverse" is a hypothetical shared universe that contains the various series owned by ZeniMax Media and the companies they control/contract. This includes Rage, Doom, Wolfenstein, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls (among others). Since for a number of reasons, there's no way that all these series can possibly follow a linear timeline, I'm taking a page out of Nintendo's book by proposing that alternate timelines are involved.

    Timeline one: Classic Era (BJ kills Hitler)

    Spear of Destiny-->Nocturnal Missions-->Wolfenstein 3D-->Commander Keen-->Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel-->Fallout Tactics-->Doom (1993)-->Doom II: Hell on Earth-->Final Doom-->Doom 64-->Quake

    Timeline two: The New Order Era (Nazis win WWII)

    Spear of Destiny--…

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  • Jykale

    I take it that everyone's aware of the Skyrim easter egg in Doom 4/Doom 2016, right?

    Well, I've been thinking for some time of the possibility that the "Hell" seen in the Doom series is a plane (realm) of Oblivion from The Elder Scrolls, that was connected by accident to our dimension, and that the various demons that Doomguy fights are actually Daedra.

    There are many realms of Oblivion that have been both seen and unseen throughout the TES games. In the fourth game, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, we've seen at least three realms that could easily be mistakable for the traditional fire-and-brimstone portrayal of Hell: the Deadlands of Mehrunes Dagon, Peryite's Pits, and the realm that Boethia/Boethiah sends the player to for his shrine quest. H…

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  • El armadillo


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  • Ninja Bush02

    Will anyone license transfer the new DOOM with me? I have the bo3 season pass and other games to share.

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  • IGaladoni

    New monsters

    November 25, 2015 by IGaladoni

    Can we atleast have some new monsters..? Like something more ebil like Doom Demons. [Something like that.]

    New maps, new creatures, and new guns n stuff m8

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  • Saytenn

    robby is a cheap female dog

    October 25, 2015 by Saytenn
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  • Shayanomer

    Wikia has recently suffered a Javascript attack resulting in user information being compromised. This attack was specifically for the FNAF wiki, but a few other wikis were also affected.


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  • Witnessme

    Hola! Did your community participate in our Battle of the Fantasy Foods last year? Our THIRD annual battle is coming up in a couple of weeks...and we want YOUR favorite fictional foods to participate! Admins, I encourage you to rally your contributors to vote on one particular fantastical food before submitting your selection.
    Click HERE to submit a food from your community.
    The top 64 foods will be entered in Round 1, which launches on July 29.
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  • Wojti2000


    May 24, 2015 by Wojti2000

    I got a question. Does a program like that exist? Because im looking for a program (or online game) wchich makes a doom character (you can add hats, clothing) and then you can export it to your PC as a full sheet, you know with all the rotations and basic frames?

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  • MetalGuy213

    totally i was happy playing DOOM with some players but some players and spanish ones just insulted me and making false reporting to the staff.... i gonna retire from the game... Not enough...... some players are pretty not great and becoming like an "Idiotic" for do anything. i was getting the fun with us.... sorry but goodbye.... :(

    -The Master Of Invasion MetalGuy213

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  • Acesshades12

    and other maps in the making

    the latest videos of the testing and gameplay is on here , also check out my channel for other epic doom maps in the making

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  • Evilquoll

    I have done a lot of this in the past few months; mostly creating maps for the Strife walkthrough I did. Until now, I have used DeePsea to display part of the level so I can use the [SysRq] key to grab the display, and Paint Shop Pro to paste the bits together into a complete map image.

    The above worked fine for the Strife levels, but for some reason unknown to me it went horribly wrong when I started to create maps for Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel and tried to map Hub 1: Ruined Village. Although I followed the same steps as before, with the same kind of result as the previous maps, although the map looked fine in PSP, when uploaded and displayed on the page it came out blank. Only by using a ridiculously high zoom level was I able…

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  • GeoffLedak

    Doom II Box Art Painting

    January 21, 2014 by GeoffLedak

    When I bought my original boxed copy of the Ultimate Doom back in the day, it came with a really cool poster of the title artwork which was unfortunately damaged and thrown away shortly after I got it.

    I recently found a great quality, high resolution scan of the same poster:

    I had a 20"x30" print of it made (thanks to the Walmart online photo center) which I framed and now have on my wall.

    I've been thinking that it would be cool to make a print of the Doom II title artwork as well and put them next to each other. I spent some time googling around and the best I was able to find was this scan of a magazine ad:

    I sent an email to John Romero asking if he had a high resolution copy of the Doom 2 artwo…

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  • Evilquoll

    Article: Ultimate Simpsons Doom

    To my mind, this article is good, but nowhere near as good as it could be. For instance, who is this?:

    It certainly isn't John Romero, that's for sure...

    I have now extracted all the sound files from the PWAD; anyone who can identify who said them and in which episode, please reply quoting the sound number, or else add the information directly to the article.

    In the following:

    Needs character and episode
    Who speaks this line?
    Where does this line come from?
    Got it!

    If the sound for an event is a redlinked file, rather than an actual clip, that probably means that the sound in question is the default sound in the original WAD, rather than a custom replacement. However, there should be no redlinks in the following…

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  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Hello and help

    June 24, 2013 by Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    Hello, I have a question.

    I am playing Skulltag for over 2 years, but my launcher only has 3 WADS,after install they are chosen randomly and I cannot replace them or add more, help?

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  • Thisismyrofl

    Hello, I am Elecbullet, administrator/bureaucrat/top user of the Wolfenstein Wiki. I'm sure I don't have to tell you that it's another one of Id Software's works, and the first major game in the series, Wolfenstein 3D, was the predecessor to Doom.

    Normally I feel bad to beg, but today I plea for a brave user to help make one article on Wolfenstein Wiki- that's it. w:c:wolfenstein:Doom series would be a good location. You don't have to get into any serious detail, rather, you need only make an H2 for each game, provide a brief summary of the plot of each, and (importantly) list any relevance to Wolfenstein. Basically just any Easter eggs, such as the level where SS appear.

    I try to be friendly with this wiki: I contribute where I can, I have Doo…

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  • Theqmayn

    Thought I would never come back to this wiki huh?

    Well have a look :

    An brand-new Youtube poop doom is coming out! A link to the demo is included in the video discription.

    I'll hope some of you like the mod. Since I put so much effort into it! Justice infinity didn't believe me when I said it wasn't a jokewad. But now you see it yourself.

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  • Vorknkx

    19 Years of Doom!

    December 10, 2012 by Vorknkx

    On this day, 19 years ago, Doom Shareware 0.99 was revealed to the world... that poor innocent world. Since that day, you'd never look at your computer the same way again, for this game became the father of the contemporary FPS genre :)

    Some of my friends ask me why I care about the game's "birthday".

    The main reason is because it is the best proof of just how awesome Doom is. Nineteen years later, the game is still fairly popular and played. Many oldschool players (like me) still enjoy the game just like they did back in 1993/1994.

    Nineteen years later, fan-made levels, mods, hi-res graphics, music remixes, source ports and all sorts of other goodies are still being developed and released for Doom. The community, still active and vibrant aft…

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  • Hotboyfly


    October 24, 2012 by Hotboyfly

    what up one i hate you game sead me more

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  • JAlbor

    Doom 4 Wishlist

    October 24, 2012 by JAlbor

    With Doom 3 BFG Edition coming out, I thought it would be a good time to fantasize about the future of the franchise. Specifically, where do we want Doom 4 to go? This a list of my picks, but I am more curious to hear what you want to see happen with the series moving forward. Let me know in the comments section below!

    I know. I have to say it. Doom, as a series, has been one of the most slow-moving franchise ever, despite the high demand for more content. John Carmack confirmed that Doom 4 would happen way back in 2007. Five years later, we are no closer to a confirmed release date than before. It's not technically a feature of the game, but it deserves mentioning: we want a release date already!

    Rumors already exist about Doom 4 actually b…

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  • JAlbor

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  • JAlbor

    Doom Series Recap

    September 28, 2012 by JAlbor

    In 1992, Id Software broke out big with the release of Wolfenstein 3D, using their own proprietary engine. The first-person shooter (FPS) essentially spawned the genre and launched a series all its own. But soon after its release, the esteemed John Carmack stumbled upon a method to greatly improve the development of 3D games. This work became the DOOM engine and birthed the Doom game series that would take the games industry by storm. The series influenced nearly all subsequent shooters and its influence is still felt today.

    Released in 1993, Doom had a simple objective: find the exit, kill anything that stands in your way. But the game was far more than a bland shooter. The sci-fi horror game was the vanguard for 3D graphics and multiplaye…

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  • Brutalizer77

    Doom 3 Movie

    July 23, 2012 by Brutalizer77

    Created by Bitchslayer.

    As a huge fan of Doom series (mainly the first two parts), I decided to do it this way that no one did here before. It's just simply connected cutscenes as it's playing through the entire game + edited some moments to look video more cool, ahahah. Resurrection of Evil expansion pack is included.

    Additional soundtrack: Neurological, Xelteckon

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  • 104-epsilon

    People stop vandalizing the youtube poop doom page with information that is not real.

    The only people that are allowed to edit information about youtube poop doom is Theqmayn,104-epsilon and cacodemontube.

    If you want to edit this page then the following things are the only things that are allowed

    +You can insert an image if you got an version (This image MUST be from ytp doom)

    +You can check for grammar mistakes.


    -Putting fake information like "Dr.rabbit as an enemy" THATS NOT TRUE!!!! or like "Sonic has 100% health" NO HE HAS 80% HEALTH!

    You need to follow these rules for the page or else we will say this to the administrator of this wiki and you will be blocked. SO NO VANDALIZING!!!!.

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  • Cacodemontube

    Good news

    May 19, 2012 by Cacodemontube

    5-19-2012 : Youtube Poop Doom Beta is ready to be downloaded on my Cacodemontube Youtube channel.

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  • Cacodemontube
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  • Cacodemontube


    May 16, 2012 by Cacodemontube

    5-15-2012 21:00 :This message has been removed because of the pointlessness of it.

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  • The Ultimate Doomer
      • removed**
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  • 104-epsilon

    Hello 104-epsilon speaking here i was about to create my first custom made doom actor very single thing was seem to be right until this error appeard (see picture below) Plz help me and only delete this blog post when its completed

    i tryd to search tutorails on youtube but i cannot find anything but spanish tutorails and i dont even speak spanish anyway my actor's sprite looked like this (see picture in the middle)

    and this is how my decorate looked like (see picture above).

    and don't recommend me to see zdoom wiki becuase i don't understand any thing they are saying there.

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  • The Ultimate Doomer

    I've been looking for very good GM soundfonts that make the DOOM music sound excellent. I've got over 20; my favorites are Weeds GM 3.0, SONiVOX 24meg GS, and SilverSpring 1.5. I'm happy with the sound of those, but I'm going to try out some bigger ones like Shan, Papelmedia, Crisis, Airfont, and Fluid. Any suggestions for the best GM soundfonts for DOOM music?

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  • The Ultimate Doomer

    I remember a time when "doom 4 release date" could be typed into Google and you'd get "2010?" It's been, like, a year, but it's still not out yet. I'm being patient, and hopefully, it'll be out in 2012. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.  :)

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  • The Ultimate Doomer

    Hi. I'm new to the DOOM Wikia. Since I've been a DOOM fan for so long, I decided to join.

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  • Castrdon002

    Futurre Doom Games

    January 26, 2012 by Castrdon002

    So for a future doom game, I was thinking it would take place a couple hundred years later after the second Doom 3 game. In this game, there are cities on Mars and people living up there. The Union Aerospace Corporation is gone, and parts of Europe and the United States run opporations up there. The main character either is or isn't a descedent of the Doom Guy from the first Doom 3 game. But in this game, Hell does get unleashed on Mars and Satan does make an appearance. But in this game, like the Modern Warfare games, you would play as two characters to defeat the Demonic Invasion from Hell. Now I did write a short story of it already, but isn't an official book of course. The game would be called Doom: Nightmare Asylum. That's all I can …

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  • Babyjabba

    Guess what Doom aficionados! Universal Pictures might be planning a 3D reboot of Doom! Reportedly, the film will ignore the events of the previous big screen adaptation. Word through the grapevine is that the project is in "the early stages of development" and is in search of screenwriter.

    Would you go see a new Doom flick? Did you love or hate The Rock's first-person version?

    Source: IGN

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  • Xane123

    My hack has begun! It's called Doom II - The Monster Invasion. The hack won't be released for a while due to a lack of levels at the moment.

    Monsters have invaded everywhere! From a dark factory, to many copyrighted worlds, evil has arrived, and it's up to our space marine again to take out the trash!

    This hack will require jumping and crouching to be enabled, and ZDoom will be required!

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