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Bio-Suit Zombie, in a black and blue backgound.


Two Bio-Suit Zombies

The Bio-Suit Zombie, also known as a Hazmat Zombie, is a monster introduced in Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil.

The Bio-Suit Zombie, only found in toxic areas where there is no oxygen, wears a yellow hazmat suit. They behave very much like normal Zombies, closing in on the player to claw at them. When killed, they drop valuable air tanks, which help the player to sustain further in toxic areas.

In the Doom 3: BFG Edition, Bio-Suit Zombies no longer drop air tanks in the same game, although the Lost Mission features these monsters dropping air tanks upon defeating them to help the player sustain further outside the Martian environment.


  • Screenshots released early in the development of RoE depict the Bio-Suit Zombie as wearing a dark-grey Hazmat suit that has a red band just below each elbow. Besides these two main differences, several similarities between this earlier version and the retail version of the monster remains. It's not clear if this earlier version of the monster was meant to be the final version of the monster or if the version was merely a stand-in until a later design could be finalized.
  • The Bio-Suit Zombies share the same audio cue (grunting and moaning) as the Flaming Zombie and Chainsaw Zombie.