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Bernie Lipsitz (Identification Number: 3902-21) was a research assistant assigned to Sector 1 of the Alpha Labs on Mars, and had access to the Hydrocon.

Bernie's PDA can be found next to his dead body after finding George Krietman. His PDA is needed to gain access to Hydrocon Control.

PDA contents


Time off (10-24-2145)

Hey Bern,

Some of the boys and I are headed over to Mars City tonight after the shift for some beers. You, as always, are welcome to come along with us, buddy. I WILL see you there!


Hydrocon O2 leak (11-14-2145)


A siphon hose in the oxygen displacement valve is forming a leak due to the lowered temperatures required to boost production in the Hydrocon Labs. If this hose were to rupture, it would cause severe instability in the Hydrocon systems and could result in a very dangerous situation. It should really be replaced.

Dr. Anubus

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