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Ben B. Wolfe (Identification Number: 9866-53) was an officer assigned to the Communications Facility on Mars.

Ben's PDA can be found next to his dead body in the Comm Systems area.

PDA contents[]

Audio Logs[]

Unauthorized Bandwidth Usage[]

This is the audio log of officer Ben Wolfe, dated October 7th, 2145.

Recent, uh, unauthorized transmissions have been uncovered in the off-site redundant logs. These logs are usually not validated but, uh, an unscheduled audit has shown significant activity. More investigating will be done to get to bottom of this matter. Particularly interesting are transmission blocks D4560 and, uh, DE3288, which have no links to base systems.

More to follow.


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RE: Request Security Access (11-12-2145)[]

Your request for Communications Security Access is granted. Officers are now allowed access to Level 2 Security areas. Communication Cabinet Code is 246.

----Original Message----
Sent: 11-11-2145
To: Security Authority

I hereby formally request access to secure areas in the Communications Facility. As an officer I feel this is necessary.

Ben Wolfe