Beldin is a character from Strife. He is located in The Order's Sanctuary, and is the first major objective for the player in the game.

Registered version

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Strife Beldin Conv

In the Registered version, Beldin was apparently tricked by Harris and then locked up in the Sanctuary, mentioning he gets to look forward to being "questioned" by the Programmer. He is also intending to reveal the location of The Front's hidden base. Rowan sends the player to kill Beldin and take his ring back to him for proof. Also, in Beldin's cell is 10 Gold which the player can take for their own use.

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Shareware version

SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.
Strife Prisoner Demo

The beggar prisoner in the Shareware version

In the Shareware version, Beldin is replaced by a beggar, who was framed by Harris for plotting to kill Governor Mourel.

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