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The Baron (or Baron of Hell) is a monster class in Doom RPG and Doom II RPG,


The Baron of Hell and Hell Knight both belong to the "Baron" monster class. There are three variations, identified by color:

  • Ogre (green torso, red hands, brown legs)
  • Hell Knight (brown torso, brown hands, pink legs)
  • Baron (aka Baron of Hell) (pink torso, orange hands, brown legs)

As in the original, the Hell Knight is not as powerful as the Baron, though both are more powerful than the new "Ogre" variation. This class of monster is especially weak against attacks from shotguns.

The Baron of Hell (or just Baron) is the highest form of the Baron class of monsters in Doom RPG (based on the Baron of Hell). They first appear in Sector 7. One appears behind the Super Secret Door in Sector 6 (however, you don't actually know the code to this door until you have found secrets in other areas). Barons (all members of the class) are weaker to buckshot (shotgun or double shotgun ammo).