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The Baron of Hell appears as an enemy in Doom 64.


The Barons of Doom 64 are the resurrected carcasses of those from Doom 1, resurrected by the Mother Demon. They are made from systematically altered dead carnage remade back into corrupted living tissue. The mutations were devastating. The demons have returned stronger and more vicious than before.

To quote the official manual for Doom 64, "You thought the Hell Knights were bad? These guys make them look like choir boys. You better have a good supply of ammo and armor to take on this demon."

Its mutations have given it a dark red color scheme (contrasting the greenish accent used for the Hell Knight). Their projectiles are now red as well, instead of green like in the original Doom.

Tactical Analysis

Much like the Hell Knight, the Baron of Hell appears much more frequently than it did in earlier titles, again possibly making up for the lack of the Revenant and Arch-vile enemies. As before, though, they have heavy defense, requiring at least five rockets to be taken down. The super shotgun is a far better alternative, especially given how often you will come across them in tight corridors and small rooms. A powered up Unmaker (powered by at least two Demon Keys) will slay a Baron in short order as well.

The blood in its death sequence is red (North America/Europe) or green (Japan) depending on the release region of the game. In the 2020 re-release, blood color is an option that can be chosen.

Unlike previous editions, Barons and Hell Knights will now infight in Doom 64.