BFG9000 movie

"Big fucking gun..."

The BFG in the Doom movie is identified on a computer monitor as Bio Force Gun version 3.14, a reference to pi and also to Commander Keen's IQ of 314, which was likewise a pi reference. Unlike in the games, the gun is not labelled as '9000'. When it first appears, Sarge calls it a "big fucking gun". It is black and resembles a futuristic rifle. It has no apparent magazine, suggesting that it is recharged in its special storage system. The gun fires a blue (rather than green) blast of some sort of corrosive energy (as opposed to plasma), which obliterates the target and burns away at the surrounding areas for several minutes. Tragically, the effects of this weapon on targets is never actually shown on-screen; the only time it is actually fired at an enemy is when it is fired at Reaper, and he dodges the main blast. Since he is not attacked by any other energy, it seems the flash damage of the BFG 9000 is not part of this weapon. The original BFG 9000 is silver, much bigger, has a red light on the side, and fires green plasma balls instead of blue plasma balls. A fan made a copy of this weapon called the "BFG 10K", available in Skulltag.

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