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A screenshot from the Jaguar version of Doom.

Jag doom overlay

Atari Jaguar gamepad overlay for Doom.

The Jaguar version of Doom was published by Atari and was developed by id Software. It was released on November 28, 1994.

Like the PC version, this version of Doom was developed on the NEXTSTEP platform, and compiled to run on the Jaguar. The bulk of the engine was programmed by John Carmack, while Dave Taylor handled the multiplayer code.

This version was the first official port of Doom to begin its development cycle, although the 32X version was released first. The 32X, 3DO, GBA and PlayStation ports are all derived from this port.

There was a television commercial for this port which interspersed gameplay screens with a priest letting loose incendiary rants.

Differences between the Jaguar and PC versions[]

This version of Doom only features one continuous "episode" like Doom II, as opposed to the three episodes in the PC version. Unlike Doom II, there are no text intermissions to separate the game into segments, although the sky does change after MAP08 and MAP19. 22 of the 27 maps from the PC version are featured, although all have been modified, some significantly, along with two new maps. The missing maps are Tower of Babel, Hell Keep, Slough of Despair, Dis and Warrens. To add a slight bit of confusion, the two new maps take the names Tower of Babel and Hell Keep, while Fortress of Mystery has been renamed Dis in this version.

As mentioned above, the maps are modified from their originals. They typically use less texture variation and have simpler geometry versus their PC counterparts. For some of the larger maps, entire portions of their layout have been removed. In addition, crushers are no longer present in any of the maps. Despite using fewer textures, many maps now have entirely new texture themes, and several new textures have been added. Some of these textures are taken from Doom II, but others are new to this version.

The cyberdemon and spiderdemon monsters are not present. Spectres are still included in many maps but are rendered normally, without the partial invisibility effect, which makes them indistinguishable from demons. The partial invisibility and light amplification visor items have been removed from any maps that originally featured them. Interestingly, MAP24 still has a partial invisibility thing, but it is flagged to only appear in multiplayer and that map is not available from the area selection menu. Health and armor bonuses now give two points instead of one, but about half of them are removed from the maps.

For the skill levels, I'm too young to die was renamed I'm A Wimp, and Hey, not too rough was shortened to Not too rough. Also, Nightmare mode in this version is similar to UV -fast, as enemies no longer respawn like on Nightmare mode in the PC version; here they only have their -fast parameters.

The Jaguar version is the only console port that does not feature any music during gameplay. This is because Jaguar's mathematics co-processor DSP chip also handles playing music. As Doom uses the DSP for most of the collision detection and other things, the DSP does not have enough free cycles to process music while running the other game functions. The port does, however, have music for the title and intermission screens. Possibly due to lack of music in the maps, the intermission screens feature renditions of selected tracks from the PC version soundtrack instead of a dedicated intermission track.

In addition the pitch of noises are slightly lower than in the PC version, probably again stemming from the DSP chip in the Jaguar.

Given the Atari Jaguar controller's large number of buttons, this version is the only console port with direct access to all weapons, instead of cycling through as in other console versions. As a bit of a trade-off, this version does not have dedicated strafe buttons, instead C must be held along with a direction.

This version has a 2 player mode for cooperative play and deathmatch via JagLink, a proprietary network interface that was separately released for the console.

The status bar has been redrawn. It is now brown, larger and rearranged compared to the PC bar, and no longer features the ammo totals panel. Instead, an area counter panel now shows the number of the map you are playing. When playing multiplayer the arms and area panels are replaced by your frags and his frags panels, his frags showing your opponent's number of frags.

This version does not allow saving during maps, but will remember any map completed. The player can choose to start on any map that has been completed from the main menu.


Map Name Differences from PC version†
MAP01: Hangar The pillars in the green armor room were removed.
MAP02: Plant Name was changed; in PC Doom it's named Nuclear Plant.
MAP03: Toxin Refinery
MAP04: Command Control
MAP05: Phobos Lab
MAP06: Central Processing The red key room has been removed; the red key is relocated outside in the nukage area. Two of the slime pool areas behind the blue key door have also been removed.
MAP07: Computer Station
MAP08: Phobos Anomaly Only the northernmost section of the star shaped room opens when the Barons are killed. The exit teleporter is moved to a separate room and functions as a normal exit.
MAP09: Deimos Anomaly
MAP10: Containment Area Most of the western and southeastern portions of the map have been removed.
MAP11: Refinery
MAP12: Deimos Lab
MAP13: Command Center Most of the western and extreme southern portions of the map, along with the secret exit, have been removed.
MAP14: Halls of the Damned The pathways leading from the central room near the yellow key area have been removed. The yellow key was relocated to this central room.
MAP15: Spawning Vats The entire eastern portion of the map has been removed.
MAP16: Tower of Babel This is a new map that is entirely different from the PC version.
MAP17: Hell Keep This is a new map that is entirely different from the PC version.
MAP18: Pandemonium The western portion of the map has been removed.
MAP19: House of Pain The crusher room and the extreme eastern portion of the map has been removed.
MAP20: Unholy Cathedral
MAP21: Mt. Erebus The lava lake that surrounds the central area of the map, along with the water area that contained the secret exit have been removed.
MAP22: Limbo
MAP23: Dis This is Fortress of Mystery from the PC version.
MAP24: Military Base
†Differences listed only account for areas that were removed entirely; areas that were simplified or use different textures are not mentioned.



The file in_main.c of the source for this version contains definitions for two more maps, Fortress of Mystery and Warrens, which are commented out. Seemingly both maps were planned to be included. A hint for this can be found by using the level warp cheat. This cheat uses the numbers on the gamepad, and they work for all 24 maps. If one tries this for MAP25 or 26, the game crashes with an error message. This does not happen if one tries it with numbers 27 and up.

Jag doom level25

Error message while attempting to access MAP25.

Jag doom level26

Error message while attempting to access MAP26.



An Imp is placed outside of the map boundary behind the exit switch, making it necessary to shot the wall behind the switch with the rocket launcher to kill the Imp to get 100% kills.


The secret area that branched off the crusher hallway in the PC version is still present in the map, but only accessible using a glitch.


Map Name Track played after this map
MAP01: Hangar The Imp's Song
MAP02: Plant Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names)
MAP03: Toxin Refinery On The Hunt
MAP04: Command Control I Sawed The Demons
MAP05: Phobos Lab The Demons From Adrian's Pen
MAP06: Central Processing Intermission From DOOM
MAP07: Computer Station Sinister
MAP08: Phobos Anomaly Nobody Told Me About id
MAP09: Deimos Anomaly Donna To The Rescue
MAP10: Containment Area At Doom's Gate
MAP11: Refinery The Imp's Song
MAP12: Deimos Lab Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names)
MAP13: Command Center On The Hunt
MAP14: Halls of the Damned I Sawed The Demons
MAP15: Spawning Vats The Demons From Adrian's Pen
MAP16: Tower of Babel Intermission From DOOM
MAP17: Hell Keep Sinister
MAP18: Pandemonium Nobody Told Me About id
MAP19: House of Pain Donna To The Rescue
MAP20: Unholy Cathedral At Doom's Gate
MAP21: Mt. Erebus The Imp's Song
MAP22: Limbo Kitchen Ace (And Taking Names)
MAP23: Dis On The Hunt
MAP24: Military Base I Sawed The Demons


  • Interview with id Software on the making of Jaguar and 32X Doom at VideoGames magazine, December 1994, pages 68-71.

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