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This page is about a weapon from an alpha version of Doom. For the Doom II RPG weapon, see Assault rifle. For the Strife weapon, see Assault rifle (Strife).

Playable version of the Assault rifle, as depicted in Doom Alpha 0.5

The Assault rifle is a semi-automatic firearm that is unusable in the early Doom titles. It is wielded by zombified Marines, utilizing the same ammunition as the Pistol and Chaingun, while operating identically to the former. However, the weapon is inaccessible to the player since there are no pick-ups for this firearm anywhere in-game, it can't be spawned with conventional cheat codes, and Zombiemen don't drop them after dying.

Zombiemen wielding the non-playable version of the Assault rifle in the final version of Doom

Though the player couldn't use it in the final version, it was the player's default weapon in the alpha versions of the first Doom. In the final versions of all Doom games, it is still the only weapon shown being wielded by the player's third person sprite, no matter what weapon he is actually using.


  • In Brutal Doom, the starting pistol is replaced by the assault rifle. It is extremely accurate and has the ability to zoom in while looking through the iron sights, which makes the weapon useful even after obtaining the minigun (the chaingun's replacement), which is fairly inaccurate. It also has to be reloaded (having a 30-round magazine), a feature shared by the shotgun, rocket launcher, plasma rifle, railgun and MP40 submachinegun.
  • The Original Assault Rifle (Doom v0.3) was based on the M1 Garand Rifle.
  • The Assault Rifle's third person sprites are based on the Colt Assault Rifles and the Heckler & Koch CAWS shotgun.

    Assault Rifle in the Doom (2016) Files

  • The Assault Rifle (or a weapon similar to it) was planned to appear in the 2016 Doom Reboot, the weapon was most likely the bridge between the Pistol and the Heavy Assault Rifle.