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Army of Darkness TC is a total conversion created by The Army of Darkness Team. It was released in 1996 after nine months of development. As the name implies, it is based on the Army of Darkness movie. Two versions of Army of Darkness TC exist; one version was made for Doom/The Ultimate Doom and the other version was made for Doom II: Hell on Earth. Army of Darkness TC includes 10 new levels as well as new weapons, monsters, sound effects, voice-overs, and music.


The player takes control of Ash Williams, the protagonist from the movies (Evil Dead, Evil Dead II, Army of Darkness).


  • Mechanical Fist (Fist and Pistol replacement)
  • Chainsaw (uses a new sprite)
  • Double-barreled Shotgun (uses the Super Shotgun sprite from Doom II, Shotgun replacement)
  • Winchester Repeater (uses the Shotgun sprite from Doom, Chaingun replacement)
  • Flaming Crossbow (uses the Ethereal Crossbow sprite from Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders, Rocket Launcher replacement)
  • Torch (uses a new sprite, Plasma Gun replacement)
  • Catapult (uses a new sprite, BFG 9000 replacement)

Monsters (based on "Deadites" from the movies):[]

  • Four-legged Soldier (Imp replacement)
  • Skeleton (Demon replacement)
  • Ghost (Lost Soul replacement)
  • Floating Torso (Cacodemon replacement)
  • Fake Necronomicon
  • Skeleton Captain
  • Bad Ash


Army of Darkness TC has 10 new levels. The levels replace the first level in episode 2 and all nine levels in episode 3 of Doom/The Ultimate Doom, and the first ten levels of Doom II, respectively (depending on the version).

(The following shows the order that the levels are played in the version for Doom/The Ultimate Doom)

Episode 2: DM-Bonus Level

E2M1: DM Bonus Level

Episode 3: Army of Darkness

E3M1: Evil Dead

E3M2: Arthur's Castle

E3M3: The Pit

E3M4: Good Ash vs Bad Ash

E3M5: Necronomicon Ex Mortis

E3M6: In The Deal

E3M7: Let's Go

E3M8: Shop S-mart

E3M9: Slept Too Long (Secret)

(The following shows the order that the levels are played in the version for Doom II)

MAP01: Evil Dead

MAP02: Arthur's Castle

MAP03: The Pit

MAP04: Good Ash vs Bad Ash

MAP05: Necronomicon Ex Mortis

MAP06: In The Deal

MAP07: Let's Go

MAP08: Shop S-mart

MAP09: Slept Too Long

MAP10: DM Bonus Level It should be noted that the Shop S-mart level is very similar to Warhouse.wad, a Doom WAD created by Mike Barker in April 1994.


The Army of Darkness Team

Project Leader: Stefan Maes

Original Idea: Steve Conway

SFX/Misc GFX/Deadites: Steve Conway

Main Levels/ DEH-Patch: Stefan Maes

Secret Level: Lawton Roberts

Pit Level/FAQ: Andy Stine

3D Rendered Sprites/ 'GFX On Demand': Jeff Allen

DM/Co-op Test Leader: Shonen Angell

Musical Sparks: Suture

Install: Scott Powers

Special Thanks To: Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, ID & Raven Software

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