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The Armored Baron is an enemy in Doom Eternal : The Ancient Gods - Part Two.

In-Game Description


The Armored Barons are grafted with the technology of Immora. Just outside the city gates they patrol with morning star gauntlets cursed by the Dark Lord himself; one devastating strike obliterates both body and soul. Even the Maykrs fear these creations of demon and machine, for the carnage is both relentless and unquenchable.


The Armored Baron is a Baron of Hell encased in blue cybernetic armor, similar to a Cyber-Mancubus. The armor's most notable features include a single slit-like yellow lens on the front of the helmet - similar to the eye of a Maykr Angel or Seraphim - and a large red flail at the end of the right arm. The Armored Baron can launch its flail for a long-ranged melee attack.

Without its armor, the Armored Baron resembles the other "Fireborne" Barons fought throughout Doom Eternal, but without its right hand (which was presumably replaced by its flail) or the flaming blades on its forearms.


The Armored Baron's main attacks primarily consist of it charging the morning star in its hand. Shooting it with piercing weapons (Precision Bolt, Ballista) or combustibles (Sticky Bombs, Rockets, etc.) during the windup breaks its armor; the Plasma Rifle and its two mods - the Heat Blast and the Microwave Beam - also work, but less efficiently. Other weapons can break the armor, but slowly enough to be unviable except as an absolute last resort.

Once the Baron's armor is destroyed, it behaves like a heavily watered-down Fireborne Baron; it lacks the arm blades and most of its counterpart's attacks, only being able to charge at you and perform basic swipes. You have a limited window to damage it before the armor regenerates; this process is foreshadowed by a slowly-rising hum and motes of blue energy gathering around the Baron's body. Fortunately, the Sentinel Hammer extends the window of vulnerability; even if the chance is missed, the demon won't regain any health, so you just have to break its armor again. Any high damage combos and attacks are recommended to efficiently take down the Baron while it's vulnerable.