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Argent Facility (Destroyed) is the seventh level of DOOM. The mission involving this map is called "Hell on Mars."

After returning from Hell, you find the Argent Tower destroyed and Hell having taken over Mars. Samuel Hayden, however, is feeling optimistic at seeing your return. Your objective is to head to the Lazarus Labs and reclaim the Argent Accumulator in order to get back to Hell and reclaim the Crucible so you can shut down the Hell portal for good. Pinkies are encountered in this level.

There are six secrets, four Elite Guards, one Field Drone, one Argent Cell, and two Rune Trials located in this level.

In-Game Description[]


  • Skeet Shoot - Kill a Revenant while it is in mid-air. Because the Revenants are quickly levitating and landing, this challenge is most easily achieved with the Gauss Cannon. Thankfully, Revenants are very common in this level, so the player will have plenty of chances.
  • Close Encounters - Kill 5 demons with the Chainsaw. (Note: while this is the first level to contain Pinkies, and whereas killing them in the original Doom with the Chainsaw was almost a tradition, the challenge refers to killing any monster with the chainsaw, including Possessed)
  • Knowledge is Power - Acquire 3 Data Logs.

Furthermore, one valuable find, an Elite Guard and a Mega Health, is found in a pipe accessible only by taking an anti-gravity pad, deliberately missing the landing, then using the Delta-V jump boots to jump to the narrow ledge where the pipe is.


New Weapons[]


(Enemies summoned by the Summoner do not count)

Name Count
Possessed 65
Possessed Soldier 4
Possessed Security 1
Possessed Engineer 8
Imp 37
Hell Razer 9
Pinky 10
Cacodemon 21
Hell Knight 9
Revenant 14
Mancubus 3
Summoner 1
Baron of Hell 1


Name Count
Medkit (small) 2
Medkit (medium) 4
Medkit (large) 8
Armor Shards 66
Armor (small) 4
Armor (large) 2
Shells 6
Bullets 8
Energy Cells 9
Rockets 4
Fuel 6
Barrels 31
Health Station 2
Ammunition Crate 3
Berserk 1
Quad Damage 1
Haste 1
Megahealth 2
Stimpack 4


  • In the previous level, what looked like Mars hung in Hell's sky. Here, the broken Argent Energy Tower, now looking very much like its twin in Hell, shoots a beam up into a portal through which Hell may be glimpsed on the other side. This suggests that Mars really was in Hell's sky, rather than another planet, and that it first appeared at the end of the Argent Energy Tower level.
  • Doomguy returns in a portal at the back end of the Argent Facility. Off in the distance, the buildings at the base of the Argent Energy Tower, as well as the Foundry and/or Resource Operations, can be seen in flames.
  • There are both similarities and differences between now and the previous time Doomguy was in the Argent Facility. Large parts of the facility, including where the Argent Filters and Processor once were, are now closed and off-limits, other new areas that were previously inaccessible (including the portal where Doomguy returns at the beginning of the level) are now explorable, and still other areas may be explored again.
  • Cacodemons now patrol the outside of the Argent Facility, although their low intelligence is evident in that only one attacks the Marine on his way to the next part of the Facility, and others don't bother to assist.
  • There are also now anti-gravity pads in various parts of the facility that were not there before (they first appear in the Argent Energy Tower), presumably placed there by either VEGA or Dr. Hayden to assist the Doom Marine.
  • The term "destroyed" to describe the level is somewhat of a misnomer, as while it has indeed been heavily damaged, large sections remain operational, including the tram station at the end of the level. By contrast, the Argent Energy Tower is in fact destroyed, with the sole exception of the portal connecting Mars to Hell.
  • This level is somewhat easier than the previous level, with noticeably fewer very high-level enemies like Barons of Hell or Mancubi, as if to provide a respite for the player from having to fight multiple Barons of Hell in quick succession. While there are plenty of fights, they also tend to be shorter than in Kadingir.