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Argent Energy Tower is the fifth level of DOOM. The mission involving this map is called "Argent Tower."

There are seven secrets, three Elite Guards, one Field Drone, two Argent Cells, and two Rune Trials located in this level. Thrust boots are acquired in this level, allowing the player to perform a double jump. A secret Gauss Cannon can be found on this level.

Argent Energy Tower introduces Revenants and Mancubi.

In-Game Description[]

Argent Energy Tower[]

Completed in 2127 based off a prototype developed by Samuel Hayden's research team, the Argent Tower, also known as the Argent Inductor, is the UAC's crowning achievement. This unparalleled piece of technology is born of the synergy when radical, forward-think UAC science is charged with the raw power of Argent plasma. Unprecedented in scale, the tower's primary purpose is to harness Argent plasma from the Fracture, convert it to usable Argent Energy, and beam Argent packages to Earth's GEDM (Global Energy Distribution Matrix). It is based off Gauss Cannon designs (first prototyped in the late 20th century), although details involving the inner workings of the Tower are a closely guarded secret. The concept of using a Gauss Cannon design to launch energy packets has not even been theorized prior to the discovery of the Fracture, but the technology developed at the miraculous rate soon after. The phenomenal growth has led to some speculation that the Argent Tower is actually based off a design discovered in the artifacts that were found dispersed around the site of the Fracture.

Tier 2 Manifest[]

As a Tier 2 Advocate, you have already proven yourself dedicated to the UAC's mission. The Argent Tower is a monument to that dedication. It is the center of our universe. It is our Triumphal Arch. It is the gate that marks the path to our future. As such, it must be cared for with reverence and devotion, as if it were your own child. It is up to you, Tier 2 advocate, to make sure our Altar to the Future function perfectly at all times. Whether your job is to clean the energy filters, or calculate the plasmatic isotope mix, or just to oil the hinges on the blast doors, approach you work as a professional, as a follower, and as a hero to the cause of Science. Unlike everything else in your life, you work here matters.

And remember: from within it flows the power, and the power must always flow. You have been warned.


  • Chiropractor - Perform 4 Neck or Jaw Breaker Glory Kills on the Imp (attack from behind).
  • Searching High and Low - Find 3 Secrets.
  • Overkiller - Kill 15 demons using Quad Damage.


New Weapons[]


(Enemies summoned by the Summoner do not count)

Name Count
Possessed 29
Unwilling 4
Possessed Soldier 14
Possessed Security 3
Possessed Engineer 5
Imp 32
Hell Razer 8
Hell Knight 6
Revenant 12
Mancubus 6
Summoner 2


Name Count
Medkit (small) 34
Medkit (medium) 4
Medkit (large) 3
Armor Shards 42
Armor (small) 5
Armor (large) 5
Shells 8
Bullets 4
Energy Cells 11
Rockets 14
Fuel 5
Barrels 7
Health Station 4
Ammunition Crate 2
Quad Damage 3
Invulnerability 2
Megahealth 1
Green Armor 1
Shells (classic) 3
Energy Cell (classic) 1
Rocket (classic) 1
Medkit (classic) 1