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Argent Energy is a new form of renewable energy that was discovered by the Union Aerospace Corporation in the late 21st century. It is produced by neutron activation of Argent Plasma. Publicly, Argent Energy was believed to originate on Mars, but in reality, it is secretly mined from Hell, where the element is innately tied to that realm and its demonic inhabitants. 

In Doom Eternal, Argent Energy is discovered to be none other than the combination of Sentinel energy, and Hell Essence which is power of tortured souls torn from the bodies of freshly dead mortals trapped in Hell. It's then purified by the ancient Wraiths using Maykr technology to feed Hell's legions and Urdak's Maykrs. The husks of the victims left behind even bolstering their ranks by eventually becoming demons themselves. 


The demons of Hell feed on a volatile aura called the Essence that invigorate themselves for battle. This aura is derived from the transformation process of mortal creatures into demons. As the mortal slowly transforms, the ethereal soul slowly drains from the body and manifest as matter, which gathered in pools containing Essence known by demon-kind as The Well. However, the demons only utilized a portion of the resources that come from the human soul as it takes eons for mortals to change into demons, and therefore more time-consuming to harvest the Essence.[1]

At some point it was discovered either by demonkind or the Maykrs that by torturing the souls that were sent to Hell they could not only speed up the transformation progress, but also produce a lot more Hell Essence.

The Maykrs and Sentinel Priests first came to realize the true potential of the Essence during the first Hell invasion on Argent D'Nur; they combined Hell and Wraith energies together, refining it, and created Argent. The Maykrs saw Argent as the key to prolong their life span and preventing Transfiguration, and the Khan Maykr struck an unholy deal with the Dark Lord of Hell: in return for access to more worlds for Hell to devour, the Maykrs siphoned energy from the damned to be processed into Argent Energy.[2]

By the bidding of the Khan Maykr, the Order of the Deag devised a method to improve and accelerate the production of Hell aura: through slave labor, the Deag Priests built the Soul Spires. Constructs that tortured trapped mortal victims until no semblance of humanity remains within them. This allowed their vulnerable souls to be easily extracted via the Maykr-made Evulsor. After the procedure, the victim's body is ejected into Hell's wastelands, where it would transform into a demon over time.[2] The main site of Argent processing is the city of Nekravol, where the flow of Argent Energy is directly teleported to Urdak.

Discovery by the UAC

Argent Energy Cell

The UAC discovered Argent Plasma in 2095 during a geological survey mission in the Promethei Terra region of Mars, in a narrow trench which later dubbed as the "Argent Fracture". Within a year, the UAC established an outpost to extract Argent Plasma and subjected it to the Fermionic Transference Pattern, producing Argent Energy.[3]

Within a span of two decades, Argent Energy revolutionized human society as it met their energy requirements, allowing it to be integrated into all forms of technology to the point of becoming practically ubiquitous. As a result, oil, nuclear and solar energy were rendered obsolete due to Argent Energy's unlimited source and high energy efficiency.

The UAC strictly kept the origins and production of Argent Energy secret from the public including the Global Science Council, keeping them from learning the existence of Hell, and as well bottlenecking the production of Argent Energy to maintain their control over the market value.[4]

In 2149, the UAC Mars base lost all communication from Earth when it was overrun by demons. The Doom Slayer prevented the Hell invasion by destroying The Well. But events on Mars left Earth deprived of the miraculous power source, leading to an energy crisis that coincided with a renewed Hell invasion on the planet.[5] However, Dr. Samuel Hayden possessed the last remaining source of Argent Energy in existence in the form of The Crucible; using the artifact's hidden power, Hayden used The Crucible as an Argent conductor to produce synthetic, man-made Argent Energy, and restoring the production of Argent Energy to Earth. Albeit at the cost of paving the way for the demonic invasion of Earth.[6]


Found in Hell, Argent Energy's metaphysical nature defies previous laws of physics on other forms of plasma. While plasma itself is a superheated gas to the point of freeing electrons to become ionized, Argent Energy seems to be stable at higher than thought possible temperatures and can energize objects it comes into contact with.[4]


  • Although being pinkish-orange in its natural form, the word Argent itself means silver or white, being a tincture of silver. It was often used on symbols of heraldry. It derives from Latin argentum, again meaning silver.
    • Ironically, silver is believed to dispel demons and to heal diseases in many cultures, but Argent is an energy harvested from Hell and used by demons.
    • In Doom (2016) it's shown Argent energy is filtered and purified to be blue/white, against its raw form.
  • Coincidentally, the Chinese version of Doom (2016) translates Argent as "亞金," which means "second to gold/inferior than gold," possibly chosen because it reads as yà jīn, which is a loose transliteration of "Argent" into Chinese.
  • Some fans consider Argent energy as a vacuum energy of the Doom universe.
  • There is apparently an easter egg for Argent energy and Doom's portal technology mentioned in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus that has lead to further speculation that the universe of Doom (2016) takes place in the future of MachineGames' Wolfenstein series[7]


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