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Argent D'Nur is the thirteenth and final level of Doom (2016). The Well is the mission name. There are five secrets in the level.

In-Game Description

Argent D'Nur

While some intelligence has been directly retrieved from Argent D'Nur, most of the details we have regarding this location have been extrapolated from decoded tablets and scriptures. Limited data from the remote collection and information decryption of the Corrax tablets suggest that this area is the corrupted ruins of a "lost realm" - a world that has been entirely conquered and absorbed into the Hell dimension. The battle that was fought to claim this area was of great significance, as the spread of Hell's dominion accelerated quickly upon the absorption of the region.

The Hell energy that emanates from this region passes through a dimensional tear, and appears on Mars at the Argent Fracture.

From the Corrax tablets:

"All falls before the command of Hell, for our power is absolute, our march to victory inevitable. Before our armies, even the Elemental Wraiths of Argent D'Nur were subjugated. In that great victory the Night Sentinels, the protectors of the Wraiths, were betrayed by one of their own, and the wretches wept as we devoured their world and took The Well for our own devices. None stand against us, for treachery resides in all things and we have set it free."

Challenges (Doom 2016)

  • Hold Still - Kill 2 Barons of Hell with one shot.
  • Uncharted Territory - Find all 3 "Skull Switch" secrets.
  • Big [REDACTED] Gun - Kill 25 demons with the BFG.


  • The level in Doom (2016) occurs in daytime, like Kadingir Sanctum. Furthermore, the clouds are a bright reddish-gold, which may indicate that the events of the level take place further down in the atmosphere where the air is denser compared to the other three Hell levels, but also provides continuity with the reddish clouds that are often seen in the skyboxes of various Classic Doom games.
  • The ambient music for the level re-uses from Kadingir Sanctum, although the music for the battles is still new.