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In Doom RPG, and Doom RPG II, the Arch-vile appears as a class of monster. There are three variations, identified by color:

  • Infernis (blue)
  • Arch-vile (Doom RPG)/Arch-vile (Doom II RPG)(gold)
  • Apollyon (red)

The Arch-vile class of monsters are particularly susceptible to axe attacks and also share a similar weakness to the fire extinguisher that Lost Soul-class monsters do (much the same as in the novelisation of Hell on Earth). They also possess the ability to revive dead monsters (like the Doom II versions), though this will fail if the player is standing on its target's corpse at the time. Something that should be noted is that when attacking, no matter if the Arch-vile is an Infernis or Apollyon or just plain Arch-vile, it always uses the unmodified costume of the regular Arch-vile raising its arms and catching fire.