"Think of the pain a Black Widow causes when you disturb her nest. Then think what happens when you stir up one the size of an M60 tank."
― Doom 64 manual

Arachnotrons appear in Doom 64.


The Arachnotrons of Doom 64 are resurrected by the Mother Demon. This left them considerably altered; the mechanical body is much bigger, with the brain head ducked down inside the machine itself instead of sitting atop it, also not having any organic arms like the classic version, and the mechanical legs (now six instead of only four) bulkier and more spiderlike. Instead of a single plasma gun, the Doom 64 Arachnotrons possess two guns: these fire together in bursts of five rounds from each gun rather than continuously.


They first appear in MAP14: Eye of the Storm unless the player goes through MAP30: The Lair and MAP32: Hectic, which contain Arachnotrons but chronologically come first.

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