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Linguica in early 2007

Andrew "Linguica" Stine (pronounced leen-gwee-sah) is the cofounder and former webmaster of Doomworld. Stine ran the site for several years before officially relinquishing his position of webmaster in 2003. During this time, he was responsible for the majority of effort in running the site, including the design and backend code. Despite his departure he has remained an influential figure in the Doom community, continuing to contribute to Doomworld in an unofficial context.

His status as webmaster of one of the most influential Doom sites has earned Stine a widespread reputation. He used his influence in October 1999 in convincing John Carmack to relicense the Doom source code under the GNU GPL.

Stine has also contributed to several important projects, including Gothic 99. He also wrote The Doomworld idgames database as a web interface to the idgames archive. In 2004 and 2005 he was a prominent writer on

Other notes[]

Linguiça has appeared in several Doom modifications, including Skulltag as a player skin, and MassMouth 2 as the sidekick to head villain John Romero.