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Andrew Chin (Identification Number: 1198-31) was a research team leader assigned to Sector 2 of the Alpha Labs on Mars. He recruited staff researchers for roles in the Alpha Labs.

PDA contents

Audio Logs

Treatment of Research Team

Audio report regarding the disrespectful treatment of new research staff, September 14th, 2145.

As you know, I have gone to considerable effort to recruit my staff researchers for Alpha Labs. Finding team members with the qualifications, let alone the willingness to come to Mars, has not been a trivial task. You know this already, but it is necessary that I emphasize why the complaints must be taken seriously. We won't be able to keep our people or recruit new researchers if the harassment continues. No, harassment is exactly the right word. I'm routinely getting reports of UAC Security asking inappropriate questions and submitting my staff to unnecessary background checks. I must insist that we be allowed to keep our personal lives private and be left to complete our assignments without further delays. If there is some kind of security threat, I suggest that UAC Security look more deeply into their own staff.

This is Andrew Chin. End.


Play Uanet's DracoWyzard now! (10-11-2145)

On-Line Gamer,

The quest for the Chalice of Sanguine Drak begins now! The evil Vloxomire has cast a dark cloud of evil across the lands of Nozgath. Who will rise above and challenge his legion of Wyldwulves and Berserkotrolls?

Raise your scimitars aloft and strike back! Join Uanet's hottest RPG DracoWyzard today for only 29 credits per month!

8 sided die (10-12-2145)

Dear Chin,

I am writing in regard to the 8 sided die you borrowed from me. If you are not going to invite me to the game, then I would like my 8 sided die back. It has been 2 weeks and I am very irritated.

Walter Connors

The E-Rock Has Landed (11-08-2145)


Just got in. That ride sucked. I flew in with the new systems analyst, Jamie Mendoza. He was always getting into it with these two security goons, Jim Daly and Mark Walters. They would argue for hours (and sometimes days) about ANY topic. A month and a half in that sardine can will make anyone bug out after a while.

Anyway, let's get some lunch. I need some real food!


Storage cabinet 038 (11-12-2145)

Mr. Chin,
The repairs to storage cabinet 038 have been completed. The door is no longer stuck and we pulled the dent from the side. It would be a good idea in the future to remember your cabinet codes instead of trying to force it open with a wrench. Just for your records the new code for cabinet #038 is 409, might be a good idea to write it down.


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