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An energy cell pack in Doom, E2M2: Containment Area.

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Most game weapons require ammo (ammunition) in order to be fired. While Wolfenstein 3D only had one type of unified ammo (bullets) for all its weapons, Doom introduced different types of ammunition to be used with specific weapons. Each weapon contains an amount of ammo when picked up, which may depend on the game mode being played and the skill level; additional ammo that may be picked up is provided as things placed in levels by the designers, as well as ammo dropped by defeated monsters, such as zombies in the Doom games. Duplicate weapons function as extra ammunition, when they can be picked up.

There are two basic types of ammo in the game: small ammo and large ammo. In the Doom games, large ammo always grants five (5) times the ammunition the equivalent small type provides; in Heretic, large ammo types can grant between 2.5 to 10 times the amount provided by the small ammo type (the exact amount varies depending on the item). Large ammo types are usually depicted as a container such as a box, quiver, or just a bigger version of the regular ammo item. In the Doom games ammo received is doubled for each type if the skill setting is set to 1 or 5 (I'm Too Young to Die or Nightmare! Skill level), while in Heretic the value of the ammo is increased by only half as much (fifty percent, or 50%) under equivalent settings.

Also, the amount of ammunition provided by a weapon or item dropped by a defeated monster may vary from the amount of ammo provided by the "normal" version of the item. In the Doom games, the amount of ammo provided by an item or weapon dropped by a monster is only half of what the normal item would provide. In Heretic, the amount of ammo provided varies depending on which item was dropped, and by which monster.

The player can carry only a limited amount of each type of ammo, though certain items or powerups may raise these limits (see below). When a limit is reached, the player is temporarily unable to collect ammo pickups of that type. If he collects an ammo pickup which would raise his total stock above the maximum, he receives only enough to reach the maximum; the extra ammo disappears.

Doom games[]

Small Ammo Large Ammo Weapon
Clip Clip sprite Box of bullets Ammobox sprite Pistol, chaingun
4 shotgun shells Shells sprite Box of shotgun shells Boxshells sprite Shotgun, super shotgun (in Doom II)
Rocket Rocket sprite Box of rockets Rocketbox sprite Rocket launcher
Energy cell Cell sprite Energy cell pack Bigcell sprite Plasma rifle, BFG9000, Unmaker (in Doom 64)
Halon canister HalonCanisterDRPG Pile of halon canisters Fire extinguisher (in Doom RPG)
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Small Ammo Large Ammo Weapon
Wand Crystal Crystal Geode Elven Wand
Ethereal Arrows Quiver of Ethereal Arrows Ethereal Crossbow
Claw Orb Energy Orb Dragon Claw
Lesser Runes Greater Runes Hellstaff
Flame Orb Inferno Orb Phoenix Rod
Mace Spheres Pile of Mace Spheres Firemace
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Mana Type Weapon
Blue Mana Timon's Axe, Serpent Staff, Frost Shards, Quietus, Wraithverge, Bloodscourge
Green Mana Hammer of Retribution, Firestorm, Arc of Death, Quietus, Wraithverge, Bloodscourge
Combined Mana Timon's Axe, Serpent Staff, Frost Shards, Hammer of Retribution, Firestorm, Arc of Death, Quietus, Wraithverge, Bloodscourge


Small Ammo Large Ammo Weapon
Bullet clip Box of Bullets Assault Rifle
Electric Bolts N/A Crossbow (electric)
Poison Arrow N/A Crossbow (poison)
Missiles Box of Missiles Mini-Missile Launcher
HE Grenades N/A Grenade Launcher (HE)
Phosphorous Grenades N/A Grenade Launcher (Phosphorous)
Energy Pod Energy Pack Flamethrower, Mauler (shotgun), Mauler (wave)
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