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ALPHA LABS - SECTOR 1 - "Alpha Labs Sector 1 houses the Elemental Phase Deconstructor and Hydrocon systems, a revolutionary new technology that transforms raw materials native to Mars into usable resources. The primary EPD reactor feeds into the Hydrocon processing system for transport to Sector 2 MFS refinement and storage."

Alpha Labs - Sector 1: Union Aerospace Science Division is the fifth level of Doom 3. The player has now arrived in the Alpha Labs to quickly meet up with Bravo Team. Maggots are introduced midway through the level in a gory cutscene. This part of Alpha Labs houses two major environmental hazards that can quickly kill the player if they are not careful. The first hazard is the Elemental Phase Deconstructor: used for extracting usable resources from raw Martian materials through a destructive process. The Marine will have to go through the Elemental Phase Deconstructor and avoid its laser in this level. The second hazard is the Hydrocon, which makes Martian atmosphere more breathable by converting iron oxide into oxygen and hydrogen. The player is warned by a scientist to be very cautious with their weapons, as shooting through the Hydrocon's shielding in its unstable state will unleash a massive explosion in the area.


  • Air Lock
  • Alpha Labs Reception
  • Atomic Stabilization Hub
  • EPD Observation Platform
  • Alpha Labs Main Junction
  • EPD Lab
  • EPD Collection Chamber
  • EPD Particle Filter
  • EPD Junction 2
  • EPD Particle Emulsifier
  • EPD Particle Scrubber
  • Storage Area 2
  • EPD Containment Purge
  • Crawl Way 13
  • Alpha Labs Junction 3
  • Hydrocon Condenser
  • Hydrocon Oxygenator
  • Hydrocon Junction 1
  • Hydrocon Control
  • Hydrogen Siphon
  • Stabilization Junction
  • Hydrocon Stabilization
  • Oxygen Siphon
  • Hydrocon Lab
  • Storage Area 8
  • Hydrocon Junction 4
  • Hydrocon Observation Platform
  • Hydrocon Junction 3
  • Alpha Labs Sector Junction
  • Elevator


Video Disks[]

  • Elemental Phase Deconstructor
  • Hydrocon



Monster Count
Imp 13/13/18
Maggot 13/13/17
Zombie 20
Fat Zombie 3
Machinegun Z-Sec 10/10/12
Pistol Z-Sec 1
Shotgun Z-Sec 4
Weapon Count
Shotgun 7
Machine Gun 5
Grenade pack 4
Ammunition Count
Pistol ammo (small) 3/3/2
Shotgun shells (small) 7
Shotgun shells (large) 1
Machine Gun ammo (small) 12/12/11
Machine Gun ammo (large) 4
Misc. Items Count
Small medkit 9
Large medkit 14/14/9
Armor Shard 37/37/32
Security armor 10/10/8
Video Disk 2
  • For cells of the form x/y/z, x corresponds to Recruit difficulty, y to Marine, and z to Veteran/Nightmare.
  • Items that can only be acquired by using console commands are excluded.

Cabinet Codes[]

  • Storage Cabinet #009: Supplies - 752



  • Shortly after exiting the Elemental Phase Deconstructor, the Marine will arrive in EPD Junction 2, a dark room and corridors, where he must turn down the gas to shut down leaking flames. The music played here, Scape 1, has some similarities with Doom 64 music used in the level "The Bleeding."
  • It's actually possible to get the BFG in this level. If you are fast enough, you can run over to Swann and Campbell, kill Campbell, and he will drop the BFG.
  • Parts of the level appear in Level 3 of the Doom 3 alpha version including the room with the EPD Laser.