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In Doom 3, the Alpha Labs are a terraforming facility on Mars. Construction began on October 29th, 2095, and it became fully operational on July 17th, 2130. It is controlled with three main machines; the Elemental Phase Deconstructor, the Hydrocon, and the Molecular Fuel Storage Compactor. Alpha Labs has two known entrances and exits; Administration and EnPro Plant.


Sector 1[]

Sector 1 is the main entrance of the Alpha Labs. Sector 1 houses the EPD (Elemental Phase Deconstructor) and the Hydrocon systems. These two machines are basic terraforming equipment.

Sector 2[]

Sector 2 is one of the main sectors in Alpha Labs because it houses the MFS (Molecular Fuel Storage) Compactor. The hydrogen fuel from the Hydrocon in Sector 1 gets stored in little cylinders in the MFS Compactor.

Sector 3[]

Sector 3 is for control and maintenance of the MFS Compactor in Sector 2. Waste material from the MFS Compactor is also processed here and sent to the Recycling Plant for post-refinement and disposal.

Sector 4[]

Sector 4 seals and prepares shipments of hydrogen fuel, and houses the EFR Systems to control and power the Alpha Labs. The system is fully automatic and personnel access is limited due to open machinery hazards. Sector 4 also has one of the entrances to the EnPro Plant.

Levels that take place in the Alpha Labs[]