These are all the secret (sector type 9) areas (required to get the Completionist achievement) and stats increases (required to get the Amphed Up achievement) in Strife: Veteran Edition, published by Night Dive Studios via Steam on 12 December 2014.

Note that as one can only get all of these when on the "good" mission path, the following assumes that you are on this path.

Stats increases

These are the same as in the original Strife.

  1. Return to Macil after you complete the Prison mission; he will give you chits for stamina and accuracy. Go to the Medic and the Arms Trainer to get your increase.
  2. You get this one from Irale and from the Medic in the Hospital after destroying the Power Crystal.
  3. From Macil after destroying the Gate Mechanism. Details as for the first one.
  4. Automatically upon completing the Training Facility.
  5. From Macil after you kill the Programmer.
  6. From the Oracle after you kill the Bishop.
  7. From Macil after you kill the Oracle.
  8. Automatically upon destroying the neural transmitter in the Mines,
  9. Automatically upon shutting down the Converter in the Conversion Chapel,
  10. Automatically upon killing the Loremaster.


Those which were just hidden (not secret) in the original Strife are marked with *. The secret in Factory: Manufacturing is no longer a secret in the Veteran Edition.

  • Town
    • The stash by the Governor's door *
  • Front Base
    • The secret alcove in the lift to the Barracks *
  • Prison
    • The alcove opened by the switch on the altar
  • Sewers
    • When you enter the room with the door to the Gate Mechanism, diagonally opposite is a secret door
  • Audience Chamber
    • Behind the throne
    • Under the Programmer's bed
    • The hidden alcove in the northern room
  • Borderlands
    • The stash opened by walking along the ledge from the Fortress entrance
  • Abandoned Front Base
    • The secret alcove in the lift to the Barracks * (a separate secret from the one in the Front Base)