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Aliens Doom 3: Aliens versus Predator is a sequel to AliensDM.


The Player's Doom Marine is replaced with Ripley, and occasionally may get help from computer-controlled Marines representing Marines from the movie "Aliens" (such as Hicks, Vasquez, Apone, Hudson and Deitrich) battling various Aliens, Corporates (Weyland Yutani merceneries), and Predators on various maps.

This Aliens patch have the largest variety of enemies for an Alien-themed WAD compared to all previous Alien Doom patches previously released.

Weapons are similar to Aliens TC's:

  • The Fist is replaced with a feminine fist since the player's Marine is Ripley, and punches significantly faster than the regular fist in Doom.
  • The Pistol is replaced with Dual Pistols (John Woo style) which shoots and does damage like the regular Doom Shotgun.
  • The Super shotgun from Doom II had been ported into this to replace the normal Shotgun.
  • A Flame Thrower replaces the Chaingun. It has full range and uses its own ammo type, Fuel.
  • The same Grenade Launcher sprites from Aliens: The Second Nukage patch replaces the Rocket launcher.
  • A much faster-firing Smartgun replaces the Plasma gun; its attack is the same as the Doom's Chaingun, only at a significantly faster rate.
  • The BFG9000 is replaced with an InvisoMine Layer which has unlimited ammo capacity.
  • The Chainsaw was supposed to be the Cargo Bay Loader from Justin Fisher's Aliens TC but for some reason it is unusable and the game will go to the Fist if this weapon is collected, or if the all weapons and full ammo cheats are used to obtain it.

The game was still in beta version and never completed.

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