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Alan E. Dorweiler (Identification Number: 8321-14) is a mentioned character in Doom 3. He was a controller specialist assigned to the Administration Complex on Mars. A co-worker, Ethan Peterson, kept Alan informed about the situation regarding Counseler Elliot Swann's upcoming arrival on Mars.

Alan's PDA can be found next to his dead body in the Alpha Labs Hallway, near Cabinet 013. It contains a code for the cabinet.

PDA Contents[]


Armaments in the cabinet (11-12-2145)[]

Per our earlier conversation I've stocked the storage cabinet in your area with some ammunition and security armor. The door code is 586. I don't know what's going on around here but we can't be too careful. I hope to God we never have to use that stuff.

If I hear anything else I'll email you.

UAC Corporate (11-14-2145)[]

I heard that UAC Corporate is sending someone up here to check on Betruger. His name is Elliot Swann, I don't know who he is but John said he's a real bull buster. He said that he always travels with a bodyguard. This can't be a good situation. I hope this Swann guy doesn't shut us down. We are so close to solving the stability problems and the transfer errors are exceptionally low now.

I'll keep you posted if anything goes down.

Lightspeed Pharmacy (11-14-2145)[]

Mr. Dorweiler,

Online Pharmacy - No Doctor visit needed.

We believe that ordering medication should be as simple as ordering anything else on the Net. We can ship drugs anywhere in the galaxy.... Embargos, Banned Pharmaceuticals, NO PROBLEM!!

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