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Aggadons were a powerful species native to Earth that pre-dated the dinosaurs millions of years ago. The remains of the Aggadons were excavated to create the Doom Hunters.


The Aggadons were race of beast-like hunters indigenous to Earth millions of years ago. Although their presence seemed to be restricted in present day Earth's polar tundra, as there were no fossilized record of these creatures beyond the frozen territories.[1] The Aggadons died out and their remains were preserved below the frozen ice for millions of years until they were discovered by the Argenta.

Over 60 million years ago, the Argenta established a settlement in the polar region where the Hell Priests unearthed the remains of the Aggadons and deemed them suitable for reconstruction, becoming the subject of Cultist necro-regenerative bio-experimentation. The Aggadons were ceremoniously and systemically resurrected and rebuilt as Doom Hunters, serving as lethal hunters to battle the Doom Slayer and Night Sentinels during the Unholy Crusades on Argent D'Nur.[1][2]