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Afrit shooting fireballs.


Afrits in their invulnerable 'ball' form.

Afrits are enemies in Hexen.

Afrits are similar to Heretic's Gargoyles, but unlike the Gargoyles in Heretic, the Afrits are nearly black and covered in fire. Afrits are quite agile and can move sideways and even backward. This makes them harder to hit and a formidable aerial foe, as they tend to strafe while attacking. Their fireballs do not cause much damage, even to a player using the Mage class, but damage can still add up due to their speed and rapid rate of fire. Afrits are also easily killed, requiring only 80 Hit points' worth of damage to take down.

They are invulnerable when they are tucked up into their sphere forms.

In some levels, Afrits are even stored away in breakable vases and pots, so players might wish to be wary of these pots.