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Advanced Research Complex is the eighth level of DOOM. The mission involving this map is "A Brighter Tomorrow."

There are ten secrets, three Elite Guards, one Field Drone, two Argent Cells, and two Rune Trials located in this level. The BFG 9000 is acquired in this level. Cyber Mancubi are encountered in this level.

In-Game Description[]

Advanced Research Complex[]

Construction of the Advanced Research Complex was completed in MTC 2136. This vast state-of-the-art research, design and production center uses cutting-edge technology and fabrication techniques to prototype everything from robotic to weaponry to subspace communications systems. The building security, life support, and day to day are almost entirely managed by VEGA, the Argent civilities in-house Artificial Intelligence mainframe. Due to the highly sensitive nature of the research conducted in the ARC, the entire superstructure is essentially a Faraday cage to prevent any unauthorized communications beyond its walls.

The ARC is the birthplace of several breakthrough study fields, including BFG development, teleportation research and cybernetic augmentation. This bastion of advanced thought attracts the brightest minds in the scientific community, and is considered humanity's "brain-trust".

Tier 3 Manifest[]

Welcome, Tier 3 advocates. You have elevated yourself to the next level of thinking. Your previous notions have been cleansed by science, and you see things now as they truly are. The true power of Argent Energy, under the stewardship of the UAC, will drive us the next age of mankind. No more secret, no more hiding. Your journey towards the final Tier begins now.

Our understanding of pandimensional existence grows each day. As we begin to realize the true power that flows from Hell, we are charged into something far greater than we ever thought possible. Your life as a Tier 3 advocate is more than just the work you preform. Spiritual understanding of who we are and what we are meant to become grows with each artifact you catalogue, with each weapon you prototype, and each heretic you convert. The FEAR of Hell is seen for what it really is: False Emotions Appearing Real.

You have opened your mind.

The Advanced Research Complex consists of two buildings: an office building where the tram pulls into and where Samuel Hayden has his office, and the Advanced Research Facility, which the Marine explores after meeting with Hayden, and where he gets the BFG9000. (Although in his meeting with the Slayer, Hayden refers to the section across the chasm as the "Advanced Research Complex," suggesting that Hayden's office building is not actually a part of the complex.)

Samuel Hayden's office building is, in some ways, more disturbing and surreal than the previous UAC levels. Doomguy pulls into the building's station on a working tram, the station is brightly-lit, and the initial impression is of a return to normalcy. But while the building itself remains somewhat operational, and appears more functional than the much darker buildings earlier in the game, and not heavily damaged and in flames like the Argent Facility, it is still in lockdown, all personnel are dead or Possessed, and has demonic infestations that the Doomguy must fight through just like the rest of the facility. Samuel Hayden is holed up in his office on the second floor of this building. But while he's the only human in the building, he's a cyborg, with a robotic body, which likely kept him from being affected by Olivia Pierce's Lazarus Wave.


  • Bottle Opener - Perform 5 "Screw Top" glory kills on the Possessed (attack lower right leg or head from behind).
  • Double Take - Interact with 2 Rune Trial Stones.
  • Hide and Seek - Find 2 Collectibles.


New Weapons[]


(Enemies summoned by the Summoner do not count)

Name Count
Possessed 63
Possessed Soldier 14
Possessed Security 8
Possessed Engineer 7
Imp 33
Pinky 2
Lost Soul 7
Cacodemon 3
Hell Knight 7
Revenant 8
Mancubus 4
Cyber-Mancubus 5
Summoner 2
Baron of Hell 2


Name Count
Medkit (small) 2
Medkit (medium) 2
Armor Shards 52
Armor (small) 2
Armor (large) 2
Shells 12
Bullets 16
Energy Cells 13
Rockets 10
Fuel 8
BFG Cell 3
Barrels 49
Health Station 3
Berserk 1
Quad Damage 1
Haste 1
Megahealth 1
Stimpack 1
Barrels (classic) 2


  • The tram ride in this section is uneventful, in stark contrast to the tram ride in Doom 3.
  • The final major fight on this level appears to be designed to encourage the player to use the BFG 9000.
  • Kills with the BFG test fire prototype on this level will count towards the player's total number of kills with BFG 9000, even if the weapon has not been acquired yet.