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Adam Williamson (born 22 February, 1982) is an English (though now resident in Canada) speedrunner and level editor. He holds several Compet-N records and contributed to several notable WADs.


Adam's initial maps were small, simplistic deathmatch levels, eventually collected into the 2spook35.wad deathmatch megawad. His second project was another megawad, Tyranny, which was created together with noted English Doom and Quake players Osiris and Zoser of the Demonic Core clan: he contributed the first ten levels.

His first contribution to a major recognised project was MAP06 of Memento Mori II. He subsequently contributed MAP29 of Requiem. He also made two levels for the Hacx commercial Doom conversion (one as initially requested and the second, extremely quickly, to fill out the level roster when some other authors did not come through). They are MAP07 and MAP19. He also made a level for the second episode of the Mordeth project, but it was rejected.


As a speedrunner Adam is most known for playing pacifist style, where he pioneered several new routes and tricks. He invented the trick necessary to complete P3M1 and P3M9 (runs previously thought impossible), and reduced the pacifist routes and times on many Episode 1 levels to something close to the speedrun routes. His other significant contributions have included a 5:11 UV episode run of Episode 1, which stood as the record for several years. He won the Golden Cyberdemon for best pacifist run in 2003 (PP31-245), and was nominated for two other awards. He won the Golden Cyberdemon for best pacifist run in 2002 (P3M9-141), and was also nominated in the same category for PP13-044. He was nominated for five Golden Cyberdemons in 2001.


Adam's style is based principally around attempting to control and predict monster behaviour, and taking risky lines. His technical movement and aim skills do not match those of the highest level players, and he relied principally on extremely long playing sessions to compete with them.


In his regular playing days Adam played deathmatch two or three levels below the elite players. His style relied heavily on use of the super shotgun in reflex and aim-based duels; he suffered heavily in tactical maps like MAP01.


  • Adam first played Doom at a UK computer trade fair in December 1993.
  • Adam is the official maintainer of the Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny FAQ.
  • Adam later played Quake for the [JK] clan, and Counter-Strike for the [pp] clan.
  • Adam played on average two hours of Doom per day from 1994 to 2003.
  • His greatest Doom regret is never finishing PA02.
  • He considers Marijo 'Sedlo' Sedlic to have been the greatest player ever.


Adam never officially retired but has not had time to play Doom seriously since 2005. He would like to complete several pacifist runs that have never been achieved, including PA02.

Adam currently lives in Vancouver, Canada and works for Red Hat.